Our Purpose and Values

At Brighton Beach we believe that every face has a place and learning is for everyone. Communication, collaboration, self-responsibility, deep understanding of concepts and an inquiry approach to learning are key to this approach. In an inclusive environment with an ethos of differentiation, students are challenged and supported to be the best that they can be.

Our school purpose and values support the development and implementation of the Strategic School Plan and act as a moral compass for everything we do. Our values are:



Being inclusive of others by valuing diversity


Showing a high regard for self, others and property by acting with care and compassion


Being optimistic, demonstrating perseverance, keeping things in perspective and management of self with empathy for others


Being accountable for one’s own actions, and understanding the impact they have on others and the



Thinking about what has happened and learning from the experience

Our shared expectations are intended to support all students and families who join our community.

“Building better pathways to success by creating a community of global learners.”

Brighton Beach Primary School encourages positive contributions to personal, local and global learning communities. We consider and respect others, foster high levels of literacy and numeracy, and the ability to think logically, critically and creatively. For more information, please click the BBPS Statement of Values and the Dignity and Respect Statement