Principal's News


Principal's News

posted Jun 14, 2018, 4:20 PM by BBPS School

Parent-Teacher Interviews

This year Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held in the last week of Term 2, on Tuesday the 26th June. Ten minute interview times will be available between 2:30pm and 7:00pm, please book an interview time with your child/ren's classroom teacher. This is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s report and progress. Reports for all students will be available through Compass on Friday the 22nd June, prior to these interviews.


If you have no need for an interview because of previous discussions with your child’s teacher, you may not consider a meeting necessary. It is of the utmost importance that you are punctual. If you are unable to keep the appointment please contact the school on 9591 0888 to advise.

Accessing 2018 Semester 1 Reports via Compass

Semester 1 reports will be released on the afternoon of Friday 22nd June. Reports will be available to view and download via Compass as students will no longer be sent home with a hard copy of their report.

Henry Lawson Writing Competition

In Term 1 both Year 5 & 6 classes entered the Henry Lawson writing competition which is part of the ‘Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts’. The competition is open to all students across Australia and provided them the opportunity to compose a creative writing piece on a topic of their choice. We are very proud to announce that of the thousands of entries we had 3 year 6 students receive awards for their writing. A big congratulations to Summer, Ethan and Thomas for their efforts. In recognition of this achievement over the next 3 weeks, they will each feature as ‘Guest Authors’ in the newsletter commencing with Summer. We hope you enjoy reading their work.

Gone by Summer Schilling

Hi, I'm Ivy Thompson. I've got blonde golden hair, hazel eyes and I adore animals. Right now, I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room. I'm waiting to find out the results of what's really wrong with Mum. Mum has been sick for 5 months now and 2 weeks ago I dragged her out of the house to get some tests at the Doctor's. One week ago, we got a call from the hospital telling us that the results were not positive. I've been sitting in this sterile, stinky room for one hour and twenty nine minutes.  I've been fiddling with my hair and I have read every newspaper in the room. I'm so anxious to find out the results. I'm squeezing Mum's hand so hard and I can hear a voice saying "Mrs Thompson please come with me”. I leap out of the chair and grab Mums sweaty hands. We walk into the room and I take a seat in the revolting ripped chair.

Doctor Hackett starts speaking and my ears switch off I can't hear anything. All I can hear is my heartbeat, it sounds like a freight train in my head and my heart is beating 100 miles per hour. Mum taps me and asks if I'm OK, I reply with a quick yes, but I'm really not. Mr Hackett announces in a shaky voice "Mrs Thompson" your diagnosis is...

Brain cancer.  My throat starts to burn and my legs feel like jelly.  I feel frozen and tears drip down my face. I notice that Mum is crying too, I realise that I've never seen Mum cry before. Then, Dr Hackett delivers more bad news, it makes me shiver. Mum has roughly one more year to live. My head explodes and all I can think is that I will have to live with Dad (who I haven’t spoken to in 4 months). Dad left Mum when Mum started getting sick, he couldn’t take it anymore. I reach over to grab Mum’s hand, “I love you mum”. We head home.

We are home, and I make Mum a coffee. I close my eyes and try to imagine what it would be like without her, but I can’t.  Every day for 12 years, since Q was born Mum has always been there, she never leaves my side. She believes in me, and I believe in her.  A salty tear drips down my cheek onto my neck and I quickly wipe it off my face. I walk over to Mum and hand her the hot coffee. I think in my head that I only have one and a half years until I turn 13. I will be a teenager soon, but I don’t want to be if Mum won’t be around to celebrate my birthday with me. I hug Mum and squeeze her so tight and say “I love you”.

8 months later.... it's a Tuesday morning, and Mum walks down the stairs in her robe and I can see she’s starting to show the effects of cancer. Her face looks grey, and her body is twig thin, and her skin is starting to look yellow. I don’t want to tell her that I notice the changes, because I know she will cry.  I pack my bag as usual, and head out the door to school.

11 months later.... Nanny and Poppy moved in because Mum can’t really do anything anymore, apart from sit on the couch or in her bed and rest. I still haven’t spoken to Dad, because I don’t want to.  He left Mum and I, and that means he doesn’t care. Mum has to rest in bed every day, because she barely has any energy left in her. Mum has to have a weekly check up at the doctors. I think the doctors are going to stop treatment, Mums body is not responding anymore.  She is broken inside, and I feel like she is giving up.

It’s been 12 daunting months…. I haven’t gone to school for 8 weeks, because all I can think of is Mum.  I spend every minute of my day with her. It’s bedtime for me and I kiss Mum goodnight and tuck her in. Each night, I hug her for a little longer because I know it may be the last one.

 I’m about to close my eyes, but I quickly run into Mum and give her one more kiss and hug. I wake up suddenly, because I felt the strangest feeling, something didn’t feel right. I ran into Mum’s bedroom, and she was fine. I felt a sudden sense of relief and knew I was ok to go back to bed.

 I walk down stairs the next morning, and I can smell mums favourite blueberry pancakes. I open my eyes, and it’s Nanny and Poppy. It looks like they’ve been up all night and I can see they have been crying. Their red puffy eyes and sad faces tell me something is not right.  “What’s wrong? what’s happened”? But, I didn’t need the answer, I already knew.
I knew in my heart, and I knew in my soul that my Mum had gone, and that life would never be the same again.

Guest Author - Summer Year 6
In Term 1 all of Year 5 and 6 entered the Henry Lawson writing competition. My piece titled ‘Gone’ was written from the perspective of Ivy, whose Mum had passed away. I have always enjoyed writing and this competition allowed me to be creative. My aim was to write a piece with lots of emotion and to use strong descriptive vocabulary. I was inspired by my Poppa who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. I put lots of effort into this and as we had to write two drafts I was able to edit my work and make it the best it could be.

Early in this Term, I was surprised to receive an email from the competition telling me that my piece had won an award. Out of the thousands of entries received from all over Australia, my writing was judged to be one of the top 6 pieces. Over the long weekend, I drove with my family to Grenfell, NSW to receive my Highly Commended Award. I was really excited and proud of what I had achieved. I received a medallion and a certificate as well as having my piece published. This has inspired me to enter other writing competitions and I would encourage other people who have a passion for writing to have a go too.

Beanies for Fight MND
On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week students were able to wear their favourite beanie and donate a gold coin to support Neale Daniher’s Fight MND charity. As a school, we raised $456.00. A big thank you to our SRC secretaries, Phoebe and Matthew along with Millie and Oliver from Year 5 for counting the total. A letter is in the process of being written by these students on behalf of the school to accompany our donation.

ICAS competitions

Some Grade 3-6 students participated in ICAS spelling and writing competitions. Congratulations to the students who chose to participate in these. The ICAS sitting date for the Mathematics paper is Tuesday, 14th August. Results will be received late Term 3.


Attitudes to School Survey

Grade 4-6 students have now participated in this annual survey. It provides an opportunity for us to gain feedback from students about how they feel about our school.

Performing Arts Assembly
On Monday we will be treated to a short preview of our 2018 school production. To learn more about the production’s story line and plot, we invite all members of our school community to come along to this exciting performance.

Principal's News

posted Jun 7, 2018, 7:18 PM by BBPS School

Road Safety
We want all of our students to go to and from school safely. Sometimes the school is contacted by members of the broader community to give information and feedback about students making their way to and from school. Please reiterate with your children how to do this safely whether on foot or by bike or scooter, particularly about being mindful of signals when crossing at designated crossing areas. This important message is also being shared during class time.


BBPS AGM – June 20th at 6.30pm.
Please save this date for our next school council meeting as the opening of that meeting is the BBPS Annual General Meeting. Interested members of the school community are invited to attend. It is an opportunity to recount the school’s achievements including Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Productivity.


Bubbles at Bells
The BBPS Annual Winter Event held off-site for the first time was a resounding success and enjoyed by all in attendance. The sense of community that exists and comes to the fore at BBPS for such occasions and indeed for any school event is something that everyone can be proud of and celebrate. Sincere thanks to Deidre and the PA Team. Many thanks must go to all the organising committee and additional helpers who contributed in a whole range of ways.


Class Libraries
Many thanks to those parents who have cleared out book shelves at home to donate pre-loved books for our literacy project to build up ‘class libraries’. Many of the books arriving to school are in pristine condition and will be put to excellent use. If you have yet to clear out your children’s book shelves and would like to do so, please consider sending books in for our classroom book corners.  


Student Voice and Agency was on display at this week’s whole school assembly exploring the Reconciliation theme of ‘Don’t Keep History a Mystery’. A dedicated Year 6 team, coordinated and led the assembly along with the intercultural captains. A feature was the use of a drone to film the Year 6 interpretation of the different clans of the Kulin Nation and identifying the Boon Wurrung as the traditional owners of the land on which we gather here at Brighton Beach. Shanti Treloar and Amy Chisholm supported and coordinated the presentations.

Congratulations to all of our Year 6 students for leading this impressive Reconciliation Assembly. By making it a whole school assembly all students shared their connections with this important event.


Principal's News

posted May 31, 2018, 4:50 PM by BBPS School

School Review in Progress
It was a great pleasure as Principal and Acting Assistant Principal to lead the school in the review of our four year strategic plan. The review panel includes: the DET Senior Education Improvement Officer, Sarah Burns along with two challenge partners, Sherril Duffy (Principal of Beaumaris North PS) and Michael Jones (Principal of Coatesville PS) and a member from School Council, Vice president Lisa Mitchell. The Panel is chaired by Ms Emma Richardson, an independent reviewer appointed by DET. Staff are represented on the panel as well: Naomi Beales and Kim Ancrum.

To obtain a well- rounded view of the school the panel spoke with members of our parent and student community as well as members of staff. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the great learning and positive outcomes that are being achieved. It is equally beneficial to reflect on what is not working and to identify where improvements can be made or initiatives introduced. This feedback both positive and constructive will help us moving forward as we begin the process of writing our next School Strategic Plan.

We would like to thank Ben Robb, Mel Murphy, Deidre Lewis and Darren Shaw who gave up their morning to speak with the panel. A big thank you also to Lisa Mitchell who was on the panel for the day. Her job as part of the panel is not complete, as Lisa will return for the second phase of the review process. We are very much looking forward to the follow up ‘field work’ day next Tuesday 5th of June when Emma Richardson returns to look more closely at classroom practice, team planning in action and relevant academic data sets. The final Day 3 of our review, Friday 8th of June, will involve the writing our next School Strategic Plan.


PA Winter Event - Bubbles at Bells

Much action has occurred already in preparation for the annual BBPS Parent social fund-raiser. The PA each year goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure a relaxing fun-filled mid year social event happens in true Brighton Beach style. To be going off-site for the first time in a number of years adds a whole new dimension for us all to embrace!

Principal's News

posted May 23, 2018, 10:29 PM by BBPS School

Education Week Open Day – Life for Learning: Celebrating The Arts
It was lovely to see parents, siblings and grandparents at the school yesterday. Families had the opportunity to participate in an arts activity, in recognition of this year’s Education Week theme ‘Learning for Life – Celebration of the Arts’. The school was a buzz of creativity with lots of singing, dancing and craft taking place. Thank you to all staff for coordinating these enjoyable activities.

“I made the Tin Woodman from the Wizard of Oz. We have been reading this book and everyone in our grade chose a character to make. My Mum was helping me design my character. It was great to have all the parents in our room because they could join in with us and we could all share our ideas with each other” Edan 2G

The community was also given the opportunity to walk through the school between 3:30 and 5pm. Our 2018 Open Day concluded with a musical performance by the Year 2 choir.  Many thanks to Flynn’s mum Chelsea who led the warm up dancing.

“I felt a bit nervous to start but then when we got into it I felt more comfortable. We had quite a big audience. My favourite song to perform was ‘Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree’ because I knew it the best and we sing it at a nice pace” Charlotte 2G

Education Week Tours
Many prospective new families have also enjoyed seeing the learning in action as we have conducted tours from Prep to Year 6, inclusive of our specialist subject areas. It has also been a delight to host the Principal ‘meet and greets’ for the younger siblings of current students who will be coming to school next year in Prep.

Working Bee Postponed
The school working bee scheduled for Saturday 26th May will be rescheduled later in the term. Please check the newsletter or Compass for the future date.

Principal's News

posted May 21, 2018, 11:01 PM by BBPS School   [ updated May 23, 2018, 10:21 PM ]

Bayside Says No to Bullying Challenge Launch

Last Wednesday our Year 5 Bully Stoppers Team went to Sandringham East Primary School, Our team along with teams from Sandringham, Hampton, Beaumaris and Sandringham East were addressed by Susan McLean who is an expert in cyber safety. After listening to her speak the group were then told about their 2018 Bully Stoppers Challenge. Some of their reflections are below:

Today we had the launch of our Bully Stoppers program. We went to Sandringham East Primary School where we worked this year’s task, which is creating a game about cyber bullying. We had a women, Susan McLean come in and teach us about cyber bullying and apps that you can get bullied in. Susan has been in the police force for 27 years and started talking to kids about cyber bullying in 1994. Ben M

Reflections: today was the first day of bully stoppers. We learnt so much about bullying and cyber bullying. We also learnt that all the

social media apps are 13+ so none of the bully stoppers or anyone under 13 should have these apps. Our project is to make a game about the topic cyber bullying and bullying. My team are making a digital game. We are using the app, app creator. Alice D

Today was the first day of the bully stoppers program. I think it’s a great challenge that we have to make a game to teach people that they should not be bullying in any way! The challenge is quite hard but we know we can do it and we are up for it. Also I learnt that all social media apps are thirteen plus. We gathered up with different schools to find out our challenge and we got into groups.

Isabella K

Our 2018 Year 5 Bully Stoppers Team are: Charlotte C, Zali, Lucy, Alice, Amy, Jack H, Lucas, Isabella K, Madison K, Cerys, Bailey M, Scott, Ben, Jonty, Madison S, Elyse, Finley, AJ and Tess.

We wish them well and look forward to future updates.

Education Week 

We look forward to you joining us at school next Wednesday 23rd May as we acknowledge the Education Week theme ‘Learning for Life: Celebrating the Arts’. Please see below for next Wednesday’s program:

2.30-3:30pm - Join your child in the classroom and participating in an activity related to the Arts which could include, singing, reader’s theatre or painting.

3:30pm-5:00pm- Join your child so they can share their learning with you and take you on a tour of some of their learning spaces. The evening will culminate with a performance in the Hall by the Year 2 Choir.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our second hand uniform shop is currently located in the Hall Gallery. Thank you to Carolyn, Jen and Julia for kindly volunteering their time to keep all the uniforms neatly stored and easily accessible in size order. If you would like to purchase an item from the second hand uniform please select what you need from the Gallery and pay Benita or Sue at the office. The school gratefully accepts recycled uniform items.  Please avoid sending in stained, faded or damaged items.

School Production Auditions
Thank you to those Year 5 and Year 6 Students who auditioned for main parts of the production. Call back auditions will be held next week. Watch this space…
Thank you also to Sally Wickes and her team of BBPS student writers for their hard work and effort in creating our school production script.

Principal's News

posted May 10, 2018, 5:25 PM by BBPS School

Another busy week at Brighton Beach Primary School!


Mr Ric the Prep Bearded Dragon

A treasured member of our BBPS community died this week. He was embraced with much love, care and laughter, particularly with his food capturing antics of bugs and crickets. He has delighted students and visitors for many years now at BBPS. The children have turned his enclosure into a beautiful shrine of remembrance with messages of their love for him and the memories they will treasure.

Mother’s Day Stall

Our Mother’s Day Stall was a great success – thank-you to all families who participated. Special thanks to the Grade 1 Parents for overseeing the organisation of the stall and also to Emma Liley and Deidre Lewis for running

a craft station in the Library.

We wish our school community a very happy Mother’s Day and hope that all our Brighton Beach mums, grandmas and friends have a lovely day on Sunday. We invite you to be ready for a possible (Random Act of Kindness) RAK

from your child/ children.

2019 Prep Enrolment

On Tuesday night a successful session was provided to prospective parents with an overview of Brighton Beach Primary’s curriculum, extra-curriculum activities and what they can expect to see in a Prep classroom. It was wonderful to be able to share the fantastic learning that occurs throughout our school. We also invited those who attended to come along to see our school in action during Education Week on Wednesday 23rd May.


Siblings Enrolling for 2019

We love welcoming the younger brothers or sisters of our current students as they enrol to come to BBPS next year. Finding photos of their siblings in the school photo album and seeing them with their friends builds a natural connection as they recognise faces and familiar sites from around the school. Check out Daisy’s little sister on her visit this week with mum Kate.

NAPLAN Reminder
Tuesday 15th May            
Year 3 and 5: Language Conventions for 40 minutes and 40 minutes for Writing

Wednesday 16th May
Year 3: Reading for 45 minutes
Year 5: Reading for 50 minutes

Thursday 17th May
Year 3: Numeracy for 45 minutes
Year 5: Numeracy for 50 minutes

Cross Country
Congratulations to all of our students who have qualified for the District Cross Country. Students were naturally disappointed that the current weather conditions caused the event to be postponed until Monday 21st May. Many of our students are very excited at the opportunity to represent the school at this next level. Well done to those students who are excepting the challenge to participate in the District Event, particularly those students who were surprised at their selection. It is a credit to their resilience and shows a great attitude in persevering with something that is new and different. We wish all our runners well!


Principal's News

posted May 2, 2018, 10:40 PM by BBPS School

House Cross Country
Today’s warmer than usual autumn weather provided perfect conditions for our Year 3-6 students who competed today at Dendy Park. All students showed great resilience, as they did their best to finish the course and earn points for their respective houses. A big thank you to Josh Ancrum for organising the event along with all Year 3-6 teachers who supported the set up and running of the day. Thank you also to those parents who helped with marking the track and making sure students knew where to run. Come along to Monday’s assembly to hear the results of this House Competition.

Below are some quotes from Year 3 students who participated in the Cross Country for the first time.

“Before doing my first cross country I felt nervous and then after I felt tired. It was good to be part of this event.” Matilda T

“It was fun and exciting but I was also nervous. I really enjoyed being part of the action.” Hamish

“It was exciting to go to cross country for the first time. I think I ran the best I could. It was really fun to see all the people in my house do well.” Zara

“I was excited when I was called up for my race, then I felt a bit nervous. I was resilient because I kept going even when I felt like I wanted to stop.” Josh

“I was excited and happy to participate but I was really puffed at the end.” Matilda M


Today some of the grade fives emptied the Visy bins. Tiberius the truck driver let us press the buttons to empty the bin. He told us where he takes the recycling. It goes to a plant in Springvale where it is sorted into categories for treatment. Then it goes to another plant where it is combined with chemicals to remove all colour before it is reformed into various qualities of recycled cardboard and paper. An example might be paper towel that you buy at the supermarket.


Report compiled by: Alice, Edie, Lexi, and Aj.

NAPLAN Reminder

Tuesday 15th May          Year 3 and 5: Language Conventions for 40 minutes and 40 minutes for Writing

Wednesday 16th May    Year 3: Reading for 45 minutes,

                                            Year 5: Reading for 50 minutes

Thursday 17th May        Year 3: Numeracy for 45 minutes

                                            Year 5: Numeracy for 50 minutes

Poetry by Ramon

The blue whale swam through the ocean,

With such a graceful motion,

They are the largest species known to mankind,

But still they are hard to find,

They are endangered,

They have almost faded,

We killed them like they were no more than soil,

Just for some whale oil,


Our oceans are littered,

Like anywhere else wouldn't be fitted,

We ruined earth,

So we could get what we wanted since birth,

We have more than we need,

Even though some of our own have no more than a seed,

We have to stop this,

Or our old world, we will miss,

The blue whale swam through the ocean,

With such a graceful motion,

It didn't move a muscle,

It did not hustle,

It is almost too late,

What will be the blue whales fate?



Well so far it has been a successful transition. The Cross Country electronic permission form was met with delight by the parents. 


“It’s environmentally friendly”  

“The permission form was easy to fill in compared to printing the form, writing in the details of my child and making sure it was returned to school”

“At least I know it won’t get lost”



posted Apr 26, 2018, 3:22 PM by BBPS School

ANZAC Assembly
Thank you to Mr Thompson and the class of 5T for leading the school in a moving tribute to those who fought for our country. This assembly complete with poetry and a brief history of ANZAC Day closely followed the format of a dawn service where the students laid a handmade wreath. Our students were supported to make personal connections through the accounts shared by Tess and Finlay about their personal family connections to soldiers who fought in the Boar War, World War 1 and World War 2 respectively. We hope that ANZAC Day provided you and your family with time to reflect on the contributions that others consistently make to keep our country safe.



My two Great-Grandfathers, Arthur Ward and James Page, both served in World War Two. Arthur Ward served in the British Navy as a doctor. His rank was Lieutenant-Commander and he earned five medals. James Russel Page, known as Rusty, served in the New Zealand army infantry as an officer. At the start of World War Two, he was a Lieutenant-Colonel. He earned eight medals, including the D.S.O and the C.B.E. He was a career soldier and went on to be a Brigadier. My Dad and Grandad also served in the NZ army and I am thankful of everyone who served their country.



Anzac Day is important to me because I had two relatives in the war. Their names are James Allison Young and William Henry Brand, they were both veterans. The wars they were in were World War one, Boar Wars and World War Two. They both survived and that’s why it’s important to me.

With this being the second week of Term 2 April is almost over. As we move into the month of May this means NAPLAN is approaching. Our teachers have been working with students to understand and familiarise them with the testing formats.

All students in Years 3 and 5 will be involved in NAPLAN tests in literacy and numeracy commencing on Tuesday the 16th of May. Please ensure children are punctual as the tests are conducted at the start of the school day. If you have any queries regarding the NAPLAN process please contact Bev May or Emma Baldwin.

The testing will take place in the mornings on the following days:

Tuesday 14th May        Year 3 and 5: Language Conventions for 40 minutes; Writing for 40 minutes

Wednesday 16th May   Year 3: Reading for 45 minutes,

                                      Year 5: Reading for 50 minutes

Thursday 17th May        Year 3: Numeracy for 45 minutes

                                      Year 5: Numeracy for 50 minutes


Guest Teachers at Brighton Beach Primary
Over the past few years Brighton Beach Primary has formed a strong partnership with Melbourne University. Many of our staff have taken on the role of ‘Mentor Teacher’, happily guiding and mentoring pre-service teachers as they work towards their full teaching qualifications. This year is no different and we happily welcome from left to right, Breanna Briede working alongside Kylie White in 1W, Sheree Schmaal working with Kirsten Braun in 4B and Claudia Bellwood who is working in Prep T with Shanti Treloar.

2019 Prep Enrolments

We are currently accepting enrolments for 2019. As part of this process, we love the opportunity to meet current families and younger siblings who will be joining their brothers and/or sisters at school next year. This is an exciting time and a great opportunity to welcome our next generation of learners to our school. Please make a time between now and the end of term for you and your 2019 preppie to attend a short welcome meeting with the Principal by contacting the office for an appointment time.



When students are unwell at school we respond by calling parents and sending them home, particularly in cases such as gastro which is highly contagious. Please be vigilant in keeping unwell children at home. We have included the fact sheet in the newsletter for your perusal.



posted Mar 28, 2018, 9:19 PM by BBPS School

Canteen News - to start first week Term 2

The canteen will operate for orders and counter sales on 2 days each week, Monday and Friday. Online orders will be available up until 8:30am on the days of operation.

Please see details from the proprietors Fun Fresh Foods, as detailed on their flyer included in this newsletter. We thank Siobhan and Liz for responding to parent feedback and look forward to the shift from the Thursday to Friday.


Save the date - David Anderson school review

David Anderson will be conducting two parent forums as an opportunity for parents to provide input into the formulation of the new 4 year strategic school plan. These forums are scheduled on Thursday 19th of April:

The first is after morning drop off at 9:15am and the second is in the evening at 7pm. RSVP to with David Anderson in the subject line.  Child minding will be available for both sessions.


Final opportunity for survey responses Thank you to all parents who have taken the time to respond to the survey. The link will remain open until the end of term and we welcome your feedback if you have not already done so.

Easter Raffle - Year 6 Hamper Delivery to Hamble House

Each year the community support for the much loved Easter Raffle, run by the PA Prep Parents, is very generous. This year our Year 6 leaders visited residents at Hamble House and took a beautiful hamper of Easter Eggs. Thank you to

Mira and Marissa who collected and collated this year’s raffle.


Camp Fun

Year 5 had a wonderful time at camp.  Their exemplary behaviour and modelling of our 5R school values was acknowledged by the Phillip Island camp staff.  This adventure camp supports our students to have a go at challenging outdoor activities including surfing. Many students discover that they can tackle new activities and build their resilience often surprising themselves after overcoming their initial reluctance. The surfing component in particular is always a highlight.


Student Leaders Collate student feedback

As you would have read in last week’s newsletter our Year 6 Friendship Ambassador’s, along with all our Year 6 leaders, led the school in our first ‘Friendship Gathering Activity’. This activity provided the opportunity for all students to have their say on what they would like to: ‘keep doing, stop doing and start doing’ at Brighton Beach Primary School. On Monday, Evan, Ryder, Ella and Chloe built their leadership skills by reading through and collating all the student responses gained during the activity. This feedback acknowledges student voice and will provide important student perspectives to inform our school review.


Renovation Update

Thank you for your patience as we manage the renovation.


posted Mar 25, 2018, 2:52 PM by BBPS School

2018 School Council

The 2018 BBPS School Council met for the first time last night. Membership is made up of 8 parent reps, 1 community rep and 4 DET reps. Members for 2018 include:


Parents: Lisa McGowan (Charlie 5T); Lisa Mitchell (Oakley 4D) Deb Beard ( Madi 5T) Violetta Wuiske (Oscar 1A) Mel Murphy ( Ben 5T); Deidre Lewis (Felix 3OA); Sabooh Whitelaw (Sasha 2C Sophie Prep B ); Rish Saraw (Yuvi 2C, Arjan Prep B); Community Rep: Lisa Mitchell (Oakley 4D) 


DET: Alison Coutts as a DET temporary replacement member whilst Kim Ancrum is on family leave; Shanti Treloar; Emma Baldwin and Bev May.


We would like to thank Andrew Schutz (Harvey 4B, Charlie 2G) and Emma Liley (Cerys 5T, Ati 2C, Ethan Prep B) for their highly valued contributions to School Council, in particular Andrew and Emma's diligence on the Finance sub-committee and the tireless support given to numerous school functions and events.

2018 Office Bearers


Lisa McGowan

Vice President

Lisa Mitchell


Mel Murphy


Deb Beard

Sub Committee Positions



Parent Members

DET Members

Buildings & Grounds

Lisa Mitchell

Mel Murphy,

Rish Saraw

Bev May,

Alison Coutts


Mel Murphy

Sabooh Whitelaw,

Lisa McGowan

Bev May,

Sue Klein

Education & Policy

Emma Baldwin

Cathy Kirkham, Violetta Wuiske

Shanti Treloar

Marketing, Publicity & Communication

Cathy Kirkham

Deb Beard,

Deidre Lewis

Bev May,

Naomi Beales

School Review Invitation – 2 Parent Forums

Diary Dates: David Anderson will be conducting two parent forums as an opportunity for parents to provide input into the formulation of our new 4 year strategic school plan. There are two forums scheduled for Thursday 19th of April. The first is after morning drop off at 9:15am and the second is in the evening at 7pm. Please RSVP Benita via email if you can attend one of these sessions

Thank you to all parents who have taken the time to respond to the survey. The link will remain open until the end of term and we welcome your feedback if you have not already done so.


Friendship Gathering
On Tuesday our Year 6 Friendship Ambassador’s along with all our Year 6 leaders led the school in our first ‘Friendship Gathering Activity’. Student voice is a high priority at Brighton Beach and this activity provided the opportunity for all students to tell as what they would like us to ‘keep doing, stop doing and start doing at Brighton Beach Primary. The information we received will help us as we begin the process of creating our school’s new 4 year Strategic School Plan.

Some feedback included:
Keep doing
- ‘opening the library at lunch’, ‘The 5R’s, ‘camps’, ‘running the assembly by the kids’, ‘buddies’ and ‘friendship lunches’

Stop doing‘littering’, ‘being mean to each other’, ‘talking back to teachers’, ‘bullying’ and also ‘peeing competitions in the junior toilets’.

Start doing‘more whole school activities’, ‘more cleaning up after ourselves and other people’, ‘more Mathematics’, ‘picking up rubbish’ and ‘longer recess time’

1-10 of 93