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posted Mar 2, 2017, 4:42 PM by BBPS School

School Council – Call for Parent Nominations

All parents would have received the email notification on Monday about the school council yearly nominations and elections. Please consider nominating for this role as the School Council is an integral part of the governance of our school. The achievements to date in terms of our upgrade of facilities and policy development highlights the much valued work of this important group within our school. Please see attachments for details of how to nominate for one of the four parent representatives required this year. Nominations close on the 6th of March at 4pm.  Notices are also displayed around the school so please if you intend to nominate do so through the office as soon as possible. Please note there will be a training session at Beaumaris Primary School on March 28th which supports all council members new to the role.


Welcome BBQ

The live music set the scene last Friday for a welcoming BBPS community gathering that was attended by many families. The variety of activities and food stalls has elevated this occasion to a new level which is typical of any parent run function at our school. The friendly

banter at the food stalls and the team spirit generated by our footy dads supported our new PA President Deidre Lewis and all of the parent helpers who contributed in some way to make this evening such a success. Thank you to all the parents who have shared their

enjoyment of the night. Thanks also to all the teachers who took the opportunity to mingle with families and to especially catch up with the many past students who came back to share what they have been doing and to join in the activities. Check out the photos from the evening on page 3. It was great to have some of our new preps share their start to school. Little Annabel pictured here with her mum Tammy and her little sister Sophie cannot single out any one thing about starting school. She says she ‘likes everything’ every day!

Composting at BBPS

The kitchen garden is thriving due to the diligence of many classes that collect fruit and vegetable scraps in the class composting bins rather than throwing it into general waste. These regular practices help grow our students’ understanding of thoughtful waste recycling which have beneficial flow on effects for our environment. As BBPS is positioned near the bay these initiatives that grow our students’ awareness of sustainable waste management are very important. Thank you to Kylie White and her team that manage the kitchen garden.


Confirmed Oval Times

The oval is a much coveted play space at BBPS. The SRC review the status of the space and make recommendations to ensure our oval is safe for a number of games at any one time. The system is as follows: Grade 2 off the oval on Monday, Grade 3 off on Tuesday, Grade 4 off on Wednesday, Grade 5 off on Thursday and Grade 6 off on Friday.


Curriculum Nights

Thanks to all grade level teams for preparation and presentation of the teaching and learning programs across the school. Thanks also to the specialist team who shared themselves across the two evenings. Much positive feedback has been received from parents who attended these sessions. For those parents who were unable to make it to these sessions, curriculum booklets can be accessed via class blogs.