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posted Mar 14, 2018, 7:53 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Mar 14, 2018, 7:55 PM ]
Office Relocation
Building works will commence on the office administration area on Monday 19th March. This is an exciting time for our school community! Much effort has gone toward fundraising for this project and it will be great for us to have a wonderful fresh entrance/office area. Watch this space!

While works are taking place the normal entrance to the school will be blocked off. Reception/Business Management/ First Aid can be accessed via the classroom next to the Gallery entrance. (See picture below). Bev and Emma have also relocated to the Glass House Meeting room in the Neate Learning Centre.

Julie Shepherd
Over the past two days staff been working closely with our Literacy Consultant, Julie Shepherd. She has been modelling best practice with reading and writing and this has been a fantastic opportunity for staff to further develop and refine their teaching. Julie also ran a whole staff Professional Development on Guided Reading.

School Review

We have planned a range of student forums to gather information to inform our school review. The friendship gatherings conducted each term provide us with a valuable opportunity for our Year 6 student leaders to facilitate sessions that enable all students to share their thinking.

The Parent feedback survey that went out initially through class also provides valuable information to guide the formation of our next School Strategic Plan. Please take a moment to access the survey link and have your say. Thank you to parents who have taken the opportunity to date to provide feedback. 

National Day of Action Against Bullying – TOMORROW FRIDAY
The SRC are facilitating a ‘Touch of Orange’ which combines Harmony Day with the National Day Against Bullying. All Students are invited to wear a touch of orange and to bring a gold coin donation for ‘Headspace’ -Youth Mental Health Service. As a symbol of whole school recognition of the significance of the day – all students will eat lunch together on the oval. Media Captains will photograph the event and share slides at assembly on Monday.

Leadership Assembly
A reminder to all Year 6 and SRC students and families, badges will be presented at Assembly this coming Monday. We are pleased to welcome Tim Wilson the federal member for Goldstein. The Assembly commences at 2.30pm.


Learning in the Library - Australian History Projects
Most weeks during their weekly library sessions Year 5 and 6 have been working on their Unit of Inquiry which this term is ‘History of Australia’. They have been using their iPad to develop proposals for their research projects.

“We wanted to have a unique topic so we are investigating the ‘Dutch arrival in Australia’.  We have decided to produce an iMovie and an inphographic to support the movie. We have discovered that the first documented Dutch explorer to encounter Australia was Willem Janz in 1605, well before the First Fleet”
Peter and Zane

“We are researching how small pox spread through Indigenous communities during the time of the arrival of the First Fleet (1780’s).  We are going to present our information through a role play and also using ‘google slides’. It has been interesting to learn that small pox was very easily spread and was quite contagious. Prior to the introduction of vaccinations, back in the olden days, there was no cure. We have also learnt that as humans have developed over time our bodies have evolved and are now immune to this disease.”
Alice and Chiara.