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posted Mar 25, 2018, 2:52 PM by BBPS School

2018 School Council

The 2018 BBPS School Council met for the first time last night. Membership is made up of 8 parent reps, 1 community rep and 4 DET reps. Members for 2018 include:


Parents: Lisa McGowan (Charlie 5T); Lisa Mitchell (Oakley 4D) Deb Beard ( Madi 5T) Violetta Wuiske (Oscar 1A) Mel Murphy ( Ben 5T); Deidre Lewis (Felix 3OA); Sabooh Whitelaw (Sasha 2C Sophie Prep B ); Rish Saraw (Yuvi 2C, Arjan Prep B); Community Rep: Lisa Mitchell (Oakley 4D) 


DET: Alison Coutts as a DET temporary replacement member whilst Kim Ancrum is on family leave; Shanti Treloar; Emma Baldwin and Bev May.


We would like to thank Andrew Schutz (Harvey 4B, Charlie 2G) and Emma Liley (Cerys 5T, Ati 2C, Ethan Prep B) for their highly valued contributions to School Council, in particular Andrew and Emma's diligence on the Finance sub-committee and the tireless support given to numerous school functions and events.

2018 Office Bearers


Lisa McGowan

Vice President

Lisa Mitchell


Mel Murphy


Deb Beard

Sub Committee Positions



Parent Members

DET Members

Buildings & Grounds

Lisa Mitchell

Mel Murphy,

Rish Saraw

Bev May,

Alison Coutts


Mel Murphy

Sabooh Whitelaw,

Lisa McGowan

Bev May,

Sue Klein

Education & Policy

Emma Baldwin

Cathy Kirkham, Violetta Wuiske

Shanti Treloar

Marketing, Publicity & Communication

Cathy Kirkham

Deb Beard,

Deidre Lewis

Bev May,

Naomi Beales

School Review Invitation – 2 Parent Forums

Diary Dates: David Anderson will be conducting two parent forums as an opportunity for parents to provide input into the formulation of our new 4 year strategic school plan. There are two forums scheduled for Thursday 19th of April. The first is after morning drop off at 9:15am and the second is in the evening at 7pm. Please RSVP Benita via email if you can attend one of these sessions

Thank you to all parents who have taken the time to respond to the survey. The link will remain open until the end of term and we welcome your feedback if you have not already done so.


Friendship Gathering
On Tuesday our Year 6 Friendship Ambassador’s along with all our Year 6 leaders led the school in our first ‘Friendship Gathering Activity’. Student voice is a high priority at Brighton Beach and this activity provided the opportunity for all students to tell as what they would like us to ‘keep doing, stop doing and start doing at Brighton Beach Primary. The information we received will help us as we begin the process of creating our school’s new 4 year Strategic School Plan.

Some feedback included:
Keep doing
- ‘opening the library at lunch’, ‘The 5R’s, ‘camps’, ‘running the assembly by the kids’, ‘buddies’ and ‘friendship lunches’

Stop doing‘littering’, ‘being mean to each other’, ‘talking back to teachers’, ‘bullying’ and also ‘peeing competitions in the junior toilets’.

Start doing‘more whole school activities’, ‘more cleaning up after ourselves and other people’, ‘more Mathematics’, ‘picking up rubbish’ and ‘longer recess time’