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posted Apr 26, 2018, 3:22 PM by BBPS School

ANZAC Assembly
Thank you to Mr Thompson and the class of 5T for leading the school in a moving tribute to those who fought for our country. This assembly complete with poetry and a brief history of ANZAC Day closely followed the format of a dawn service where the students laid a handmade wreath. Our students were supported to make personal connections through the accounts shared by Tess and Finlay about their personal family connections to soldiers who fought in the Boar War, World War 1 and World War 2 respectively. We hope that ANZAC Day provided you and your family with time to reflect on the contributions that others consistently make to keep our country safe.



My two Great-Grandfathers, Arthur Ward and James Page, both served in World War Two. Arthur Ward served in the British Navy as a doctor. His rank was Lieutenant-Commander and he earned five medals. James Russel Page, known as Rusty, served in the New Zealand army infantry as an officer. At the start of World War Two, he was a Lieutenant-Colonel. He earned eight medals, including the D.S.O and the C.B.E. He was a career soldier and went on to be a Brigadier. My Dad and Grandad also served in the NZ army and I am thankful of everyone who served their country.



Anzac Day is important to me because I had two relatives in the war. Their names are James Allison Young and William Henry Brand, they were both veterans. The wars they were in were World War one, Boar Wars and World War Two. They both survived and that’s why it’s important to me.

With this being the second week of Term 2 April is almost over. As we move into the month of May this means NAPLAN is approaching. Our teachers have been working with students to understand and familiarise them with the testing formats.

All students in Years 3 and 5 will be involved in NAPLAN tests in literacy and numeracy commencing on Tuesday the 16th of May. Please ensure children are punctual as the tests are conducted at the start of the school day. If you have any queries regarding the NAPLAN process please contact Bev May or Emma Baldwin.

The testing will take place in the mornings on the following days:

Tuesday 14th May        Year 3 and 5: Language Conventions for 40 minutes; Writing for 40 minutes

Wednesday 16th May   Year 3: Reading for 45 minutes,

                                      Year 5: Reading for 50 minutes

Thursday 17th May        Year 3: Numeracy for 45 minutes

                                      Year 5: Numeracy for 50 minutes


Guest Teachers at Brighton Beach Primary
Over the past few years Brighton Beach Primary has formed a strong partnership with Melbourne University. Many of our staff have taken on the role of ‘Mentor Teacher’, happily guiding and mentoring pre-service teachers as they work towards their full teaching qualifications. This year is no different and we happily welcome from left to right, Breanna Briede working alongside Kylie White in 1W, Sheree Schmaal working with Kirsten Braun in 4B and Claudia Bellwood who is working in Prep T with Shanti Treloar.

2019 Prep Enrolments

We are currently accepting enrolments for 2019. As part of this process, we love the opportunity to meet current families and younger siblings who will be joining their brothers and/or sisters at school next year. This is an exciting time and a great opportunity to welcome our next generation of learners to our school. Please make a time between now and the end of term for you and your 2019 preppie to attend a short welcome meeting with the Principal by contacting the office for an appointment time.



When students are unwell at school we respond by calling parents and sending them home, particularly in cases such as gastro which is highly contagious. Please be vigilant in keeping unwell children at home. We have included the fact sheet in the newsletter for your perusal.