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posted Sep 6, 2015, 6:56 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 11:51 PM ]

Kid Matter

Staff completed the final component of the Kids Matter Primary. There are 4 components:

1.     Positive School Community

2.     Social and Emotional learning for students

3.     Working with parents and carers

4.     Helping children with mental health difficulties

Led by Emma Baldwin and the student welfare team of Josh Ancrum, Kirsten Braun, Megan Craig and Richard Trist, staff delved into component 4 which assists schools to support students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties. Within the boundaries of our role as educators, teachers and schools can help by recognising when a child may be experiencing difficulties. Strategies used in response include: promoting an inclusive, accepting environment; and using school policies and practices to access support and referral pathways in collaboration with parents and carers.

Teachers focussed on two target areas:

1.     Understanding mental health difficulties and improving help-seeking

2.     Responding to students experiencing mental health difficulties

It is pleasing to note how many pro-active opportunities are in place at BBPS to support students’ social and emotional learning. Across all year levels students work with the BBPS values and core social and emotional competencies and make continual reference to the BBPS Student Wellbeing Support Plan. Right from Foundation, students participate in weekly social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons and identify social and emotional learning goals.

If you have not had a close look at the BBPS Student Wellbeing Plan it has been included again in this week’s newsletter. Many parents have provided feedback in support of the plan as a handy reference to have on the fridge at home. In light of media coverage that is too often keen to label the best efforts of parents, as ‘bubble wrapping’, ‘helicoptering’, or ‘lawn mowing’, many resources are available to help parents.

See the links to the Kids Matter resources to support your child to be self-responsible, reflective and resilient so they can deal with the roller-coaster of emotions that are a natural

part of growing up.

 Simone and Bev