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Principal's News

posted Oct 21, 2015, 10:05 PM by BBPS School

OHS Audit

This week we completed our official OH&S audit. All staff complete comprehensive training to ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Our thanks must go to Terry Morris for her coordination of this work and ensuring procedures and practices are thoroughly monitored and requirements are met.


Primary School Bullying Working Group

BBPS coordinates a very active network pf Primary Schools from the Beachside network through the DET Bully Stopper grant. Next week we have all our Year 5 students from six schools, Beaumaris, Sandringham, Sandringham East, Hampton, Brighton Beach and Glengala PS participating in the final part to their 2015 community challenge. All school teams have been involved in producing films linked to the issue of being a bystander in a bullying context. Look out for the student feedback in next week’s newsletter as they share this experience and the learning they have done.


Network Meetings

All our teachers have been working with other teachers from the Bayside area focusing on moderation for the upcoming reports. This was a great opportunity for our teachers to network with educators from the local schools. BBPS hosted the specialist teachers from across the network.  


Year 4 Camp

The Year 4 camp was a huge success. Thanks must go to Kylie White for the thorough organisation of  the camp in addition to the adults who attended and supported our children in building resilience and independence during their time away. The camp helpers were Kylie

White, Kirsten Braun, Nat Payne, Josh Ancrum and Kim Ancrum. Many parents have commented on what a wonderful time their child had based on all the story sharing that has gone on at home. Thank you once again to everyone who attended and to our students who were recognised by the camp as being one of the best behaved groups they had ever seen! Well done Year 4.


Looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up in their spooky outfits at the Halloween disco on Friday night!