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posted Mar 3, 2016, 5:47 PM by BBPS School

District Swimming Carnival Success

We had great success at the district carnival on Tuesday because we swam away with the Aggregate Shield, we also came 3rd overall. This is a great acheivement considering we are smaller than a lot of schools in our area. Well done to all our swimmers, parents for your support, and special thanks to Mrs Morris and Mr Ancrum for their excellent management of day.


Jen Neate’s farewell

It was a sad farewell to Jen Neate on Monday as she has worked so hard as an advocate of our school over the past 13 years. She has had continuous roles as both Parent Association and School Council President. Keith Evans Vice President of the School Council thanked Jen on behalf of our community and we have also dedicated the brand new learning centre to her by naming it The Neate Learning Centre.


Emergency Drill

Today as part of our Occupation Health and Safety Activities Calender we practised an emergency lockdown drill. We reinforced with our students that drills are done routinely, to ensure we know what to do if we have to, just like we did last week when the police were called to help.  This drill  is part of knowing what to do to keep us safe in the unlikely occurance of an incident. This sort of emergency drill might happen if there is a danger outside e.g. an angry dog or person.


Student References

We love sharing your child’s accomplishments and sometimes a reference is required from the school for your child. If this is the case please speak to the class teacher. Please be aware  staff need a minimum of two weeks to gather relevant information and craft a comprehensive reference for your child. As a school we write  references for Year 7 entry only and there is just  one reference per student from the school. The other valuable document you have when applying for scholarships is your child’s report.


Playground Safety

It is pleasing to see the students who ride or scoot to school being mindful of the rule of not riding or scotting once inside the playground.  Older students are being responsible role models to younger students and leading by example. A reminder to all that walking bikes and scooters to the gates applies in the afternoons when leaving the school.