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posted May 11, 2016, 11:46 PM by BBPS School

SRC Fundraiser

Today the school was a sea of colour, with many splashes of orange, as the students dressed in casual clothes to support the Will Murray Fundraising Campaign. Will, a young local teenager incurred spinal injuries whilst jumping off the pier at Half Moon Bay. The SRC felt they had a connection with this young man and decided it was appropriate to support his ongoing care. The money raised was $582.40, a fantastic effort on behalf of the students.



This week the Year 6 students have stepped into their new role as Peacemakers under the capable direction of their Year 6 student coordinator – Stef.  Younger school students will find the Peacemakers in the different play areas at lunchtime, decked out in a fluoro yellow or orange vest and armed with a clipboard. The Peacemakers support the teacher on yard duty who continues with supervising the yard, whilst the peacemakers assist the

younger children talk through their problems.


Peacemakers, is a school-based conflict resolution program aimed at teaching students to manage their conflicts through negotiation and mediation. Last year all the Year 6 students were trained in their role and how to work through a script to help younger student resolve problems. They are now eagerly waiting their turn to support the students in the yard.     Pictured right: Stef armed and ready for action.


Prep 2017 Information Night

On Tuesday night a group of highly interested incoming Prep parents attended an extremely engaging information session led by Kelly Stevens and supported by staff members. The parents started the evening drawing their ideas of the perfect school which was later shared and points of interest discussed with the teachers present. Some of the areas covered included: the curriculum, student social and emotional learning and specialist areas.


2 minute zone

All parents who use the 2 minute zone, in Windermere Crescent, need to be commended for their support in helping to maintain the steady flow-through of cars as they pick up their children at the end of the day. This zone is supervised by staff to ensure student safety from 3.30pm – 3.45pm. You can help us by always making sure your child knows where to meet you before they leave for school.  In an emergency the teachers have a walkie-talkie that enables calls to be made to the office for students, who have not arrived, to be announced over the PA system.


The students wait towards the end of the zone, the area after the white fencing, parents queue before this point and move forward as cars leave. To assist in the continual flow-through of cars it is important that drivers stay in their car so they can move when the preceding car moves. The zone also benefits from organised parents arranging play dates the day before so the movement of cars is not impacted by late arrangements being made. Your continued support is appreciated by the teachers staffing this area.