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posted Nov 11, 2015, 9:02 PM by BBPS School

Voluntary Contributions

2016 is going to be another eventful year and your Voluntary Contributions will play an important role in the continued development of BBPS. Your contributions together with the hard work by the Parents Association fundraising committee and DET contributions will be collected predominantly to support the complete refurbishment of our traditional main building.


It’s not too late to take up the offer of our payment plan available to families who commit to paying the 2016 Student Charges and Contributions in full. Our payment plan is monthly direct debit payments (8 payments if plan commences before November 18,) with final payment made by June 2016. Please contact the office for further information.


We thank you again for committing to the continued development of Brighton Beach Primary school, the premier learning centre and a place that your children will be happy to spend their childhood years.


Remembrance Day

Yesterday, Susan Taylor led a very moving assembly to acknowledge people who have represented our country in times of war. The students listened to In Flanders Fields read by Cal Cummins, a song written and sung by Madison

Mavridis and finally Charlie Dowling played on the trumpet, The Last Post before our one minute silence began. This time gave our students a chance to reflect on their own lives and the contributions we all make in creating history.


Bike Safety

Safety is a key message of the Bike Education Program which the Year 4 and 5 students are taking part in this week.  We ask parents to reinforce the safety skills taught in Bike Ed such as carefully looking, listening for traffic, approaching with care, ringing your bell and riding at a safe speed.  Included, for your information, is a link to the Bicycle Network website that explains the regulations for 12 year old students.  Thank you to all our parents who have volunteered their time to support both the teachers and the students, it is very much appreciated. 


Sustainability Policy

This is a policy close to our hearts as we are located in this precious seaside location. As school it is our responsibility to promote and lead sustainable practices in our community. Please see the draft copy of the BBPS Sustainability Policy. Please direct your feedback to with Sustainability Policy in the subject line by Wednesday 18th November. We look forward to your feedback.