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posted Jun 8, 2016, 10:45 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Jun 8, 2016, 10:47 PM ]

Learning at BBPS: It’s been another busy week at Brighton Beach Primary School. Grade 3 and 4 enjoyed an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary as part of their learning about lifecycles, while Grade 1 and 2 visited the Melbourne Botanic Gardens to further their understanding of how plants grow. Congratulations to the 5 students who competed in the division Cross Country last week at Cornish College – a fine achievement. We wish our Grade 6 debaters all the best as they venture off to Brighton Secondary School to compete in a debating competition this week.


The Country and Western: Parents enjoyed a great night out in our school hall on Saturday night, which had been transformed into a western saloon, with hay bales and cow-hide seats to match. A huge thank you must go to the Parent’s Association for another great social event. It was a fabulous night, with over $27,000 raised to go towards our school.  Without the tireless work of our volunteer parents, events like this could not take place. Also, a thank you to Kelly Stevens for helping to organise the grade artworks that were such a sought after silent auction item!


Annual School Council Public Meeting: This meeting will be held in the staffroom on Wednesday, 22nd June at 7pm, prior to our next School Council Meeting. This year it is our great pleasure to present to you, the hard work Brighton Beach Primary School has undertaken around the area of Mathematics. In 2016, Mathematics has been our focus area at BBPS, and the staff have worked hard to build a consistent approach to Mathematics which is research based, and focussed on making our students numerate members of society. Some of the initiatives our school has undertaken are:

* The development of planning documents, to be used consistently throughout the school.

* A move towards unit-based teaching, instead of weekly topics, which allow students time to consolidate new ideas, become fluent in them and connect them to rich learning tasks to deepen their knowledge.

* Professional development of Mathematics Leaders, led by Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, around analysis and improvement of school culture.

* Professional development of a group of classroom teachers, led by consultant Michael Ymer, around open-ended tasks.

* Consultation with Nadia Walker around the development of learning continuums.

* Professional development of whole staff, led by Charles Lovett around the development of rich learning tasks.

Please join us at our Annual Public Meeting to hear more about these exciting initiatives.


Megan Read and Kate O’Hara – Mathematics Leaders


Canteen: Don’t forget to register online for our new canteen system, Fun Fresh Foods, starting the first week of Term 3. Families will need to be registered in order to make online orders. To register, please go to: