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posted Jun 22, 2016, 10:17 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Jun 22, 2016, 10:20 PM ]

End of term: Yes, the final week has arrived. Just a quick reminder, students will be dismissed at 2.30pm on Friday from their classrooms, there will be no assembly. We hope all students have a safe and restful break and return in Term 3 fully charged to meet their next learning challenges.


Parent Teacher Interviews and Report Feedback: The whole school trialling of the on-line booking commenced with a few glitches, these were quickly overcome and from the school’s perspective it has streamlined the process of booking interviews. Most parents made the most of the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress over the first semester with the class teacher. As a school we are seeking your feedback on the new report format and the use of Volunteer Spot. Please click on the link to access the survey.


Student Learning: Day of Notables: The Year 5 and 6 students held an exciting exhibition in the hall as a conclusion to their inquiry into chemical science. They adopted the persona of many famous chemical scientists, shared their learning on the works and discoveries of these people both past and present and the impact they have made on the world as we know it. The exhibition was very impressive and the presentations certainly kept their audiences engaged.


Friendship Gathering: The Year 6 students again did an outstanding job of hosting the cross grade level friendship session. This time they set a numeracy challenge for their group and supported their members to work collaboratively to enable safe passage of a travelling group to cross a river.

Southern FM: Our Media Captain Scarlet along with Ryan, Zach and Liv from Year 6 took over the airwaves this morning with Mr Steel. They had a special visit from Australian netballer Maddie Robinson who talked about her role as a leader within the Australian netball team. She also discussed how young people can overcome adversity. There was an interview with Graham Davis regarding the upcoming Dad’s football match. He told the group that the match is really good for comradary and building connections across our school community. The annual Girl’s Football Competition is being held today and our team was given a shout out – Go BBPS! Finally a big thank you and goodbye was paid to Caroline and Amanda in the canteen for all the hard work they have done.


ICAS: Over 50 students participated in the writing and spelling components of this competition. The results will arrive at the school later in the year, so stay tuned.


Beaumaris PS Bully Stoppers presentation at Assembly: This went extremely well with the Beaumaris students leading the conversation about the different types of bullying and how to be an up-stander.


New Business Manager: It is with great excitement we welcome back Sue Klein as our Business Manager next term. We would like to say a big thankyou to Yunyun Liu who continued to work with us to keep everything on track whilst we recruited. Thank you also goes to Natalie Galati who has been a great support in the office over the last six weeks.


Chess Competition: This week eight students participated in the Glen Eira Regional Chess. Each student played a total of seven games and received coaching throughout their games from a Chess Kids coach. The players representing the school were Henry, Charlie, Charlie, Joshua, Neve, Penny, Benji and Ben. It was a fantastic day for all the students who were able to experience 'tournament' chess. A special thanks to Emma McIntosh and Emma Landrigan for accompanying the students and supporting them throughout the day.


School Council Annual Public Meeting: Last night we had our annual public meeting where our Annual School report was tabled and discussed. Part of this night was the presentation from the Mathematics leaders Kate O’Hara and Megan Read who outlined the strategies the school has been working on to improve the numeracy data. It was also an opportunity for each committee convenor to share the teams achievements in the 2015 school year. It was a celebration of the hard work and commitment of our councillors and teaching staff always ensuring our students have the most effective learning opportunities and environment as possible. If you would like to read the Annual report you can access it on the school website under About us in the Accountability and Polices link.


Girls footy: It was an absolute pleasure this morning watching the determination of our year 5/6 girls AFL team go into competition with Black Rock Primary and score a number of goals!! The girls won this game convincingly. Thank you to Josh Ancrum and Kirsten Braun for coaching and assisting, and to the parents who helped out and cheered the girls on. 


 From all of us at BBPS, we hope you enjoy the break from school routines, and if you are around come and join us at the Election Day BBQ.