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posted Sep 14, 2016, 6:38 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 7:23 PM ]

End of Term

Term 3 is fast coming to a close with a rich and engaging curriculum program being delivered right to the last day. The intensive junior school swimming program is nearly at an end, but watching the students leave on the bus each morning you can still see strong evidence of high energy and enthusiasm for this part of the Physical Education Program.

Year 3 Camp

On Wednesday morning we watched as the Year Three students arrived enthusiastically with bags packed and headed off to Camp Oasis. Even though the weather was ‘slightly’ damp it did not deter the fervour of the campers. The staff being ever ready, packed extra equipment to cover the possibility of

changed programs.

 Friendship Fun

The Year 6 students continued in their leadership responsibilities by leading the multi-aged friendship groups during our wellbeing week.  The cross age student activity was based on the picture story book, ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  In their groups, students explored ways to express kindness and appreciation then had to fill the bucket with activities they enjoy doing with others. This sits with the work the school has been doing in terms of resilience and empathy.

State Schools Spectacular

Over the weekend, Marlo (Year 6) participated in the State School Spectacular at the Hisense Arena. This brought to a close five months of 9 hour rehearsals held every Sunday. Marlo was one of the younger performers in the orchestra, playing her flute in over 40 musical pieces that accompanied the performers on stage. Marlo represented Brighton Beach and whilst the rehearsal regime was demanding, she thought the whole experience was absolutely amazing and one she will remember for a long time. She was supported by a group of her classmates who attended the event.

Poetry Slam

The Year 6 rooms were the location for the inaugural Poetry Slam. This was the culmination to the English unit on poetry. Parents and grandparents formed part of the audience as the students performed recitations of their poems, conveying to the audience the varying levels of emotion that can be expressed through words. Some readings brought tears to the eyes of the audience. The topics covered current social, personal and topical issues. Please take the time to read the poems composed by Riley- ‘Just Imagine’ and Zach F- ‘Global Pollution’.


Just Imagine

Just imagine being taken
To a place you've never seen
Just to become food for you and me
Rejected if you’re not good enough
Killed when the job is done
Crammed in a cage where life becomes rare
This world is too rough

They just want to run free

Depression swallows us

Cages capture us

Minutes pass as we are kept from life

No one knows our daily struggle

No one cares

No one will ever care

We are dead on the inside


Watching the numbers get fewer

We count down the seconds till our time is up

We count down our friends as the numbers drop off

Our life is fading

Can you hear me?

My voice is lost

The pain will never stop

Electric shocks bounce off as we are left lifeless and lost
Our scars remain as we do not

Just imagine



Gather around, my friends and let me tell you a tale
of an alien species who failed
the race
To save their world
as it hung
in space
Let me start our story
'about the aliens that noticed how their planet was changing
and each time, the alien race was failing
to make that change for the better
So the alien race, in their ignorance, decided to write a letter
to the planet, to ask it to stop changing itself
the planet replied, " I'm not changing myself,
you are changing me
and because you are so self-centred you can't see it from afar
Let me just tell you that you are
going to have to change your way
if you want to stay
or else please just go away"
The aliens read the letter and thought about it thoroughly
and because the reply was backed up by scientists who assembled the data hurriedly
the aliens tried to change their way
but, like most volunteer work it didn't pay
and the planet just got worse
It could not be reversed
so, with their home-world destroyed
The aliens deployed
a flotilla of droids
their engines roaring and blazing like an unstable star
and sent them very far
to locate some area or place
with suitable space
to hold their race
But their search was a dud
because the alien's blood
was much too polluted
and the entire race was booted
from the plane known as life
and they were all sentenced to eternal strife'.
So, my friends, do any of you know the morale of this story?
No, well its stop polluting our planet, no matter how little glory.


Zach F