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posted Oct 26, 2016, 8:27 PM by BBPS School

Halloween Disco

It was a spectacular, scary night last Friday night as we watched headless characters arrive, with many witches and

warlocks following. Lots of spooky sounds to hear and ghastly sights to see. The class murals were a huge hit and the DJ did an outstanding job engaging everyone on the dance floor. A big thank you to the Year 3 team and the PA for their planning of this event. It ran very smoothly with all enjoying themselves immensely.


Prep Orientation Session

We welcomed our 2017 Prep students and their parents to our school yesterday. Whilst the newest members of our school began their orientation program with our Prep teachers, their parents attended the first of their information sessions in the hall. Parents engaged in conversation with each other about their hopes for their children in the coming year and raised some of the wondering they were having about starting school. We look forward to welcoming the 2017 Preps and their parents back for session 2 on 2nd November.


Student Safety

Student safety is an extremely important part of our job as educators. It is something that we also need our community to help us with, this is particular evident in the 2 minute pick-up zone. This is a safe place for children to be dropped off and picked up by their parents. For this to be a safe place it is important for us all to be patient, wait our turn and move on if our child is not waiting there for us.  The teachers on duty are doing their best to maintain a smooth running and safe area for picking up of the students. Please assist them by following their directions. We know everyone is committed to ensuring our school is a safe place, so please remember to support the staff.


Just a reminder that Monday is school as normal and there is no school on Tuesday due to Cup Day.