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posted Nov 23, 2016, 7:11 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Nov 23, 2016, 7:13 PM ]
Mrs Morris Retirement
Terry Morris has had 17 years as Leading Teacher at BBPS. During this time her contribution has been enormous.  She has taught most of those years in the senior school and loved every minute of it. She is a highly respected educator who has put her heart and soul into her career influencing and shaping the success of her students. She has had varied roles with responsibilities stretching to encompass areas such as Science, Mathematics, facility management, OHS, CRT replacement and how could anyone forget in the last few years the Two- Minute zone on Windermere. She will be missed terribly and remembered fondly for her tireless focus on student learning. We wish her all the best in the next phase of her life and will say an official farewell to her at the assembly on Monday 5th December so please come along and join in the celebration of Terry Morris’ career with us.

Acting Principal and Leading Teacher
It is with great delight I announce that Bev May will be Acting Principal at Brighton Beach Primary School during Term 1 next year. Additionally Emma Baldwin has been appointed as a Leading Teacher in 2017. On behalf of the community I wish them both all the best in their leadership roles and know the school is in outstanding hands.


1-1   Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad Program

Last week at our school council meeting we discussed the Year 4-6, 1-1 iPad program. The discussion at the meeting focused in particular on Year 4, and was informative and robust. It became clear, just like for ‘home learning’ that parent opinions and experiences are varied. It was agreed that the iPad program offered the students authentic learning opportunities relevant to the increasing use of technology as a learning tool in schools and the wider community, and there was discussion concerning the most appropriate age/grade for introducing such a program.


It was evident during our dialogue at council that there are also some concerns creating tension. For example:


Some people think that iPads should not be a 1-1 iPad program in Year 4 because it is too early for our children whilst others think this is the way of the future and promotes engagement and learning.


Some people think handwriting is taught and addressed through the curriculum whilst others think that handwriting is suffering and not addressed.

Some people think that managing the iPads at home is very difficult whilst others think it’s been helpful because they can see how it is used and see what’s been going on online.


Some people think that literacy and numeracy aren’t being taught enough whilst others think this is being incorporated into the iPad program, using the iPad as a tool.


So as you can see opinions are diverse and need a thoughtful and comprehensive review process so all perspectives can be shared. Our program was implemented in 2014 and the council believed it would be timely for a review in 2017. This provides a perfect opportunity to engage our whole school community as outlined in a new DET Personal Devices – Parent Payments and Access Policy published in August 2016. The council believe this is a process that would ensure a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the program and an opportune time to consider all feedback. The information collated through the process will then help to shape the program moving forward. Please access this link to review the DET policy ­


Many 2016 Year 3 parents have already organised devices for the 2017 school year so the program will continue as it is into 2017. The council recognise this is a whole school conversation and next year, beginning in Term 1, the review process will occur.


In the meantime please be aware if parents do have concerns about the program please make a time to speak to the teacher or with Bev and myself. This process is in line with our Parent Complaint Policy available on our website.


As stated at the information evening, it is also very important to note that any Year 4 child who does not have a device, is not disadvantaged as the school is able to provide one for them. This is not unusual and has happened a number of times in the past years of the program.


At BBPS student learning is at the centre of all decisions we make as a council and our intent is to have the most effective learning program to prepare our children to be active participants and contributors in the 21st century global community in which they live. We look forward to the findings of the review and building the future together.


 Look forward to you joining us tomorrow night for our Christmas Extravaganza from 5-8pm and don’t forget to come along and join us for the Parent Thank You Morning Tea on Wednesday at 11am.