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posted Dec 2, 2015, 6:00 PM by BBPS School

Year 2 Sleepover

It was a terrific evening on Friday night as our Year 2’s snuggled up at school and snoozed through the Year 2 sleepover. This is a great opportunity to help our children build independence in preparation for the Year 3 camp next year. Thank you to Kim Ancrum, Megan Craig, Alison Coutts and Josh Ancrum who shared this exciting all night experience with the Year 2’s.  Events like this don’t happen without the careful planning and dedication of our staff. Thank you to Alison Coutts who led this event. 


Planning for the 2016 School Year

Teachers have been busy writing and finalising student reports. 

Staffing is currently being finalised. We understand that parents keenly await these decisions. Generally the students are less concerned, as they are busy enjoying the end of year activities planned between learning teams. Transition sessions will begin in the coming weeks between current year level staff and students. Parents can support their children and teachers by maintaining a positive mindset as we embrace the changes that come with the end of every school year. Parents can also be confident in trusting the professional judgement of a highly skilled, dedicated and competent teaching team.


2016 Staffing

With the beginning of a new year just ahead of us we have been busy planning for a smooth transition for both the students and teachers. Part of this process is that we welcome new staff and students and say farewell to others. The farewell to our staff will be acknowledged at assembly on Monday 7th December at 2.55pm. Please come along as we wish them well from our school community.


It is with sadness that we will be farewelling Nathaniel Payne who has been working in Years 4 and 6 over the last three years. Nat has been successful in gaining a teaching position at Elwood Primary School which is renowned for its Stephanie Alexander program. This is one of Nat’s interests and he will be missed. He has been a key contributor by leading our Environment Team and a keen organiser and participant of many other events, especially the Bike Ed program.


Oliver Woollett is very excited about the position he has gained in the Independent system. Oliver has worked in our Prep team making significant contributions to the teaching and learning program through the use of IT and his involvement in the literacy team.

Richard Trist is taking leave next year to explore opportunities in Sydney and his contributions to our Year 5 program and running club, not to mention the Dad’s football team have been extremely positive.


Annie Vanderende who has stepped into the art position this term has also taken up the challenge, filling the role after Gale’s retirement and we appreciate her efforts.


Thank you to the teachers who are leaving who have all shown commitment and enthusiasm for their roles, our community and the students they have worked with. Finally we also wish Sue Klein our current acting Business Manager all the best as she takes up a position for 12 months as the Business Manager at Albert Park Primary. Sue has done an exceptional job in the role whilst Yunyun has been working at Sandringham College.


In 2016 we have a great team lined up and we look forward to welcoming three new staff members Kelly Stevens, Vanessa Gadea and Kirsty Walker. Kelly has been teaching at Coral Park Primary as the Art teacher. Vanessa has been at Mackellar Primary and Kirsty has had experience in the Cook Islands. They will be joining the Specialist team, Year 6 and 2 Team. We welcome Kate O’Hara back onto Year 4 and she will be teaching Monday through till Thursday with Josh Ancrum teaching the class on Friday.


2016 Staff Team


Shanti Treloar, Narin Barnett and Meg Read

Year 1:

Alice Mareska, Emma Baldwin and Hannah Vesikko

Year 2:                                

       Megan Craig, Kirsty Walker and Alison Coutts

Year 3:                                 

Kim Ancrum and Alex Grady

Year 4:                               

Kirsten Braun, Kylie White and Kate Ohara /Joshua Ancrum (Fridays)

Year 5:                                 

Aaron Steel and Naomi Beales

Year 6:                                 

Vanessa Gadea and Terry Morris


Josh Ancrum 

Performing Arts:                    

Nicole Alexander and Megan Richter

LOTE (Japanese):

Susan Taylor

Visual Arts:

Kelly Stevens and Megan Richter

Literacy Support:

Averil Gramaconi 

Administration Team

Yunyun Liu and Benita Danckert

Education Support

Sophie Strang, Gilly Jedwab, Ruth Pascoe and Angela Franzi

School Nurses

Nicole Haydon and Libby Williams


























Look forward to you joining us tomorrow night for our Christmas Extravaganza from 4-7.30pm.