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posted Jun 1, 2017, 4:58 PM by BBPS School

Education Week next week 

We look forward to you joining us next Tuesday and Wednesday as part of Education Week. To celebrate the theme, ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’ there are two school events that we invite you to be a part of. Tuesday, 23rd May 7pm – Martin Heppell from The Resilience

Project. Please see our Parent Information Sessions page in this newsletter for more details. Many students will have shared an invite to this exciting event based on their own experiences with Martin last week. Wednesday, 24th May 2.00 -5.00pm – Open Invitation

The program is designed to be flexible so families can choose what works for them. 2.00pm - joining your child for the last half of lunch for a tour of their play space and hearing from them how like to spend their time  2:30pm-3:15pm - joining in a social and emotional learning session in your child’s classroom about building resilience and a growth mindset 3:30pm-5:00pm- joining your child so they can share their learning with you and take you on a tour of some of their learning spaces.


Literacy Learning – Julie Shepherd.

Apologies for the mixed messages re the information session for parents. A whole school email was sent out to address the confusion but we understand that for some parents this did create an inconvenience. Julie has worked in our classrooms with teachers and

students over the last two days, focusing on developing critical literacy skills when analysing a range of multimodal texts, including advertisements, videos, still images and written text. In her parent information session this afternoon, Julie touched on key strategies to

support reading.

District Cross Country

Well done to all students who competed in the District Cross Country today, and represented our school with great pride. Thanks to Josh Ancrum, Kirsten Braun, Aaron Steel and all parents who supported our running team.


Staffing – Update

We now officially, and with great pleasure congratulate Kim Ancrum as the Assistant Principal and Amy Chisholm on her appointment as the classroom teacher in Year 6. Year 3 are also abuzz with the exciting news of a new arrival in the Read household.  We welcome back Benita (who we missed dreadfully, edited by Benita) from long service leave and thank Ellie Hilton for her time in the front office.


Kitchen Garden Autumn Update

Our Environmental Captains, Sophia and Zac along with Kylie White, Al Inglis our resident horticulturalist and Loren from Bunnings Mentone are the team that work diligently behind the scenes to guide and support our students, as they become keen gardeners with very green thumbs! This program covers all aspects of planting, maintaining and harvesting crops. Please see Al’s summary of current activities from the kitchen garden.