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posted Jun 21, 2017, 7:26 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Jun 21, 2017, 8:47 PM ]

Attitudes to School Survey

Grade 4-6 students have now participated in this annual survey, facilitated by Kim Ancrum. It provides an opportunity for us to gain feedback from students about how they feel about our school.


ICAS competitions

Some Grade 3-6 students participated in ICAS spelling and writing competitions. Congratulations to the students who chose to participate in these. Results will be received late Term 3.


Be the Boss of Your Brain

Kerrie Straun conducted two engaging parent sessions about emotional resilience this week. Key messages linked to children owning their own behaviour and making their own choices when faced with challenges, knowing that they are the only ones who control how they react in and to a situation that may be challenging in some way. Kerrie will continue to work with the Grade 1 students into Term 3.

Parent-Teacher interviews

Do not forget to sign up for parent-teacher interviews in the last week of term. Should you have any difficulties reserving a time, please speak to your classroom teacher.

Grade 6 Visual Arts

Click on the following link to see BBPS featured in The Age this week. Congratulations to Kelly Stevens for leading a highly engaging visual arts program which explores current art trends. This unit required our Grade 6 students to think critically and to gain a balanced informed perspective of street art, its evolution and the differences between legitimate art forms and illegal tagging and the desecration of public spaces and private property. Our Art Captains, Brady and Zoe W and Zoe R very capably shared their experiences with the journalist. Ashley Goudie from KIL (Keeping It Legal) Productions is continuing to work with the Year 6 students on a school mural promoting ‘sustainability’. Thanks to the parents who have volunteered to support this project.

End of Term

Next week is the last week of term … already! Remember that school finishes at 2:30pm on Friday, 30th June. Please make appropriate pick-up arrangements for your child. Camp Australia will be open, should you need to book your child in.  Assembly will be on Monday as normal.