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Principal's News

posted Sep 20, 2017, 10:47 PM by BBPS School

Learning at BBPS

Well done to our Prep-2 students who are close to completing two weeks of intensive swimming at SwimRight.  During this program students have not only worked on key swimming strokes, they have also developed crucial skills in water safety. Thanks to all parent helpers who attended throughout the program.


Our grade 3 students are currently enjoying their first school camp to Camp Oasis, Mt Evelyn. Students have been busy observing reptiles, making candles and braving the flying fox. School camp is a great opportunity for students to experience staying away from home and building new friendships with others. We thank the teachers for their commitment during this time. Grade 3 are due back to school at end of day tomorrow.

The year 9 girls Sandringham Secondary College Robotics team again visited BBPS to inspire and motivate our year 4 girls teaching them the rudiments of coding robots to respond to directional and timing prompts to achieve set tasks.

Meanwhile the boys were challenged to think about scientific principles of force, gravity and capacity by hypothesizing and trialling their creations in test situations.

2018 School Fees

School Council has ratified the school fees for 2018. All families will receive an email at the beginning of term 4 outlining the fees and charges. Please note the Finance Committee of School Council works hard to keep fees to a minimum, and has provided a thorough explanation of charges relating to essential learning items, voluntary and user pay contributions. All payments can be made prior to the end of the 2017 school year or before the commencement of the 2018 school year. A payment plan is also available by calling the school Business Manager, Sue Klein

Grade 3 I-Day: Parent information session

A parent information session will be held in Week 3 of Term 4 on Wednesday 25th of October at 6.00pm.  At this session we will be sharing the data from our recent whole school survey conducted by the School Council Education subcommittee. We thank those members of our community who took the time to provide valuable feedback regarding the strengths and areas for improvement of this program. Grade 3 iDay is scheduled to start mid next term. This planned information session for parents provides information in regards to what our 1:1 BYOD program looks like across years 4-6, and sharing administrative information for parents of our current year 3 students in preparation for year 4.


Last day of term

We wish all our families a wonderful break and thank our community for another vibrant and engaging term at school.

A reminder that school finishes tomorrow at 2:30pm. School returns on Monday October 9th.