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posted Nov 29, 2017, 7:09 PM by BBPS School

Thank you...thank you...thank you, to all the parents, teachers, staff and kids who helped make  Friday's Christmas Party a fabulous evening!


From all accounts everyone enjoyed the night certainly looked that way, and it was especially great to see all the kids having fun, running around and enjoying all the activities.


The BBPS Christmas Party is our traditional end of year celebration for families and children. Such a party couldn't go ahead without your whether you helped set up, clean-up, bake, serve pizza, man an activity stand or game, donate or lend items for the night, or step in to relieve someone on the night......your help and contribution is what made the Christmas Party the event that it was.


The BBPS community always rises to the occasion! And what a great Santa!

Parent Morning Tea

The parent morning tea was a lovely event with the staff cooking up a storm for our hard working parent helpers.

The staff genuinely appreciate all the reliable support that is provided so generously in many different forms by our parent community.

Bike Rides

After the rigorous Bike Ed unit all students love the challenge of the long bike rides to Elwood, St Kilda and Port Melbourne. These could not happen without the excellent support of the team of parents that assisted in the program and came on both rides.


Although there is a clash with the Dendy Carols, the BBPS Soiree will go ahead as planned, and we accept that some of our students and their families will make the choice that suits them best. We have put the final Soiree date for 2018 in for the final Tuesday of November to avoid any future clashes.