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posted Dec 13, 2017, 8:31 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Dec 13, 2017, 8:34 PM ]

Nursing home

As part of building connections in our local community the Year 6 students visited Hamble Court.  This program has been designed to build stronger relationships within our community. The students engaged with the residents through a wide range of activities such as arts and crafts, xmas carols and conversations to find out about their lives.

Radio Show

Over the last few Friday's Ms Chisholm has had some of the Grade 5's on the radio at Southern FM from 7am - 8am, which has been amazing and hopefully they are looking forward to having their own show next year as media captains!

Our Grade 6 media captains Olivia and Hailey have their final segment Thursday 14th. It’s been a fantastic year and the girls have absolutely loved this opportunity and their time at Southern FM!

Tomorrow, Ollie S, Spencer and Thomas S are coming in for their first show, please listen in to 88.3 and support the kids!

Dance off

To finish the week we had the Dance Off at Hampton Primary. Thank you to Elinor Cozens, Megan Craig and Emma Baldwin for their dedication and commitment to the music program at BBPS. Congratulations to our Year 4 Team who won the Year 3/4 category!

Three groups from BBPS went to Hampton Primary School to compete in the Bayside Dance Off. Well done to all our dancers for their outstanding performances on the day. Although our Year 2 and 6 team did not win all dancers received a medal for their efforts. A big thank you must also go to the parents of these students for taking them to Hampton Primary and coming along and supporting them on the day too.

Year 2: Zara, Abby, Mary, Indi and Poppy S

Year 4: Alice, Lucy, AJ, Lexi, Elyse and Jessie

Year 6: Sarah, Milana and Sasha


The Buddy program enables many opportunities for older students to work with younger students. Year 6 have developed this further in Term 4 taking on roles in all class levels.

Students in 2C have reflected on this assistance…

 Zara: It helped because they gave us ideas for our narratives and helped publish them

Pieter: They helped us do our work quicker

Matilda: They helped us out with our reading and encouraged us to try more with our writing and spelling

Will W: They helped us a lot for different reasons like with our reading and things that were hard for us like typing and logging on to the computer

Emma: It was really nice having the grade 6’s over they helped a lot it encouraged us to try harder.

Charlie: In my opinion it was more helpful for Mrs Coutts because she could work with one person and the Grade 6’s could help with the others.

Millie: They helped us to do lots of different things at once and helped us improve our maths.

Parents who are Professional Photographers - WE NEED YOU!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The School Council is currently reviewing the school’s website, and we desperately need a parent who is able to take professional quality photographs to be used as promotional photos on the website.  All photos would be taken at school. If you can help by donating a few hours of your time, please contact Cathy Kirkham on or 0412 054 610.  Thanks in anticipation of your help.