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posted Feb 28, 2018, 7:20 PM by BBPS School
Welcome BBQ

A lively atmosphere coupled with a warm summer evening, set the scene for what was a wonderful way to bring our community together at the annual BBPS 2018 Welcome BBQ. The relaxed sounds of the live acoustic music along with some performances by students were just some of the highlights. The ‘Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness’ Tent was a huge success and was the creation of our PA President Deidre Lewis. Drawing on knowledge from the ‘Resilience Project’ there was a ‘Big Bowl of Gratitude’ where students recorded things that they were grateful for. Overwhelmingly students were most grateful for their family friends, their school and community.

The ‘Magic Music’ station inside the tent was also very popular, with lots of hips swaying to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. To further create a truly relaxing space real grass was in place to stand on in bare feet and there were also sea shells to touch and smell.


I went and hugged Pooh Bear. Hugging him made me feel really happy” Felix 1W


“I put a note in the big bowl of gratitude and I am grateful for my family and friends” Belle 1W


“Touching the sea shells made me happy because it made me remember the beach. The beach is one of my favourite places and I feel very happy and relaxed when I go there” Flynn 2G


“I listened to the music it made me have a smile in my mind” Marlowe 1W

There was a second hand book stall which also proved to be very popular, not to mention the delicious food and drinks on offer. The Dreamers Social Club dads as well as the parent helpers who assisted with the food stalls all led to an extremely successful evening. Thank you to our PA and PA President Deidre Lewis for co-ordinating this event. Thank you also to the families who came along and to the teachers who were able to catch up with families new and old outside the classroom setting. Check out the action with the photos further on in the newsletter.

Curriculum Evenings

Thank- you to all grade level teams for preparation and presentation of the teaching and learning programs across the school. Thanks also to the specialist team who shared themselves across the two evenings. If you were in attendance at these evenings you would have been made aware that this year is a review year for our school. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate all that has been achieved over the past four years and to also set the future direction for the school.

Some takeaways included:  BBPS 2018 Review Year

Next Tuesday 6th March our class blogs will go live. You will receive an email from the school which will contain a link so you can access it.

In preparation for our review in Term 2, we would like your feedback and would encourage you to complete a short electronic survey. This can be found on all class blogs and is a chance for our community to provide their thoughts and feedback about Brighton Beach Primary.


Purpose of a review

Its purpose is to provide:

  • an independent, objective, consistent and reliable view of the school’s performance

  • a rigorous process to complement the school’s self-evaluation and self-review

  • specific feedback on the school’s progress and achievements against the goals and targets of its previous School Strategic Plan (SSP)

  • a more detailed discussion and analysis about issues that may be affecting the performance of the school, to drive school improvement and inform the school’s next Strategic Plan

  • Data and an evaluation of school performance for system reporting purposes.

As parents your input is highly valued so please take the time to respond to the survey.

Mathematics for Parents
Michael Ymer, a specialist mathematics consultant will be presenting an evening to parents. The evening will focus on mathematics in schools today and also offer strategies and ideas to help you support your child in their learning of mathematics. The evening will be held next Wednesday 7th March from 7-8:30pm. Please click on the link to register your attendance.


Peacemaker Training Year 6 students completed their training with Emma Baldwin and are very much looking forward to taking up their roles as Peacemakers. Led by the Year 6 Friendship Ambassadors, our Peacemaker Program will be up and running by the end of the Term. Below are some reflections from the Year 6 students:


“I learnt that to be a leader you need patience and to be fair. When you are sorting out a problem you need to hear both sides of the story” Ella Kerr 6G

“The training was good and it was good to practise this and bring what I learnt to the BBPS Peacemakers” Dylan 6C

“One thing I found interesting was sorting out the problem. One thing I found challenging was finding a solution. One thing I will take away from this is now I know how to sort out problems” Harry 6C

“The training today was very helpful because it was good practise for when we become real Year 6 Peacemakers!” Jessica 6G


“The training today was quite fun and I enjoyed it. I feel that I am ready for any type of problem" Elle 6C