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posted May 2, 2018, 10:40 PM by BBPS School
House Cross Country
Today’s warmer than usual autumn weather provided perfect conditions for our Year 3-6 students who competed today at Dendy Park. All students showed great resilience, as they did their best to finish the course and earn points for their respective houses. A big thank you to Josh Ancrum for organising the event along with all Year 3-6 teachers who supported the set up and running of the day. Thank you also to those parents who helped with marking the track and making sure students knew where to run. Come along to Monday’s assembly to hear the results of this House Competition.

Below are some quotes from Year 3 students who participated in the Cross Country for the first time.

“Before doing my first cross country I felt nervous and then after I felt tired. It was good to be part of this event.” Matilda T

“It was fun and exciting but I was also nervous. I really enjoyed being part of the action.” Hamish

“It was exciting to go to cross country for the first time. I think I ran the best I could. It was really fun to see all the people in my house do well.” Zara

“I was excited when I was called up for my race, then I felt a bit nervous. I was resilient because I kept going even when I felt like I wanted to stop.” Josh

“I was excited and happy to participate but I was really puffed at the end.” Matilda M


Today some of the grade fives emptied the Visy bins. Tiberius the truck driver let us press the buttons to empty the bin. He told us where he takes the recycling. It goes to a plant in Springvale where it is sorted into categories for treatment. Then it goes to another plant where it is combined with chemicals to remove all colour before it is reformed into various qualities of recycled cardboard and paper. An example might be paper towel that you buy at the supermarket.


Report compiled by: Alice, Edie, Lexi, and Aj.

NAPLAN Reminder

Tuesday 15th May          Year 3 and 5: Language Conventions for 40 minutes and 40 minutes for Writing

Wednesday 16th May    Year 3: Reading for 45 minutes,

                                            Year 5: Reading for 50 minutes

Thursday 17th May        Year 3: Numeracy for 45 minutes

                                            Year 5: Numeracy for 50 minutes

Poetry by Ramon

The blue whale swam through the ocean,

With such a graceful motion,

They are the largest species known to mankind,

But still they are hard to find,

They are endangered,

They have almost faded,

We killed them like they were no more than soil,

Just for some whale oil,


Our oceans are littered,

Like anywhere else wouldn't be fitted,

We ruined earth,

So we could get what we wanted since birth,

We have more than we need,

Even though some of our own have no more than a seed,

We have to stop this,

Or our old world, we will miss,

The blue whale swam through the ocean,

With such a graceful motion,

It didn't move a muscle,

It did not hustle,

It is almost too late,

What will be the blue whales fate?



Well so far it has been a successful transition. The Cross Country electronic permission form was met with delight by the parents. 


“It’s environmentally friendly”  

“The permission form was easy to fill in compared to printing the form, writing in the details of my child and making sure it was returned to school”

“At least I know it won’t get lost”