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posted May 21, 2018, 11:01 PM by BBPS School   [ updated May 23, 2018, 10:21 PM ]

Bayside Says No to Bullying Challenge Launch

Last Wednesday our Year 5 Bully Stoppers Team went to Sandringham East Primary School, Our team along with teams from Sandringham, Hampton, Beaumaris and Sandringham East were addressed by Susan McLean who is an expert in cyber safety. After listening to her speak the group were then told about their 2018 Bully Stoppers Challenge. Some of their reflections are below:

Today we had the launch of our Bully Stoppers program. We went to Sandringham East Primary School where we worked this year’s task, which is creating a game about cyber bullying. We had a women, Susan McLean come in and teach us about cyber bullying and apps that you can get bullied in. Susan has been in the police force for 27 years and started talking to kids about cyber bullying in 1994. Ben M

Reflections: today was the first day of bully stoppers. We learnt so much about bullying and cyber bullying. We also learnt that all the

social media apps are 13+ so none of the bully stoppers or anyone under 13 should have these apps. Our project is to make a game about the topic cyber bullying and bullying. My team are making a digital game. We are using the app, app creator. Alice D

Today was the first day of the bully stoppers program. I think it’s a great challenge that we have to make a game to teach people that they should not be bullying in any way! The challenge is quite hard but we know we can do it and we are up for it. Also I learnt that all social media apps are thirteen plus. We gathered up with different schools to find out our challenge and we got into groups.

Isabella K

Our 2018 Year 5 Bully Stoppers Team are: Charlotte C, Zali, Lucy, Alice, Amy, Jack H, Lucas, Isabella K, Madison K, Cerys, Bailey M, Scott, Ben, Jonty, Madison S, Elyse, Finley, AJ and Tess.

We wish them well and look forward to future updates.

Education Week 

We look forward to you joining us at school next Wednesday 23rd May as we acknowledge the Education Week theme ‘Learning for Life: Celebrating the Arts’. Please see below for next Wednesday’s program:

2.30-3:30pm - Join your child in the classroom and participating in an activity related to the Arts which could include, singing, reader’s theatre or painting.

3:30pm-5:00pm- Join your child so they can share their learning with you and take you on a tour of some of their learning spaces. The evening will culminate with a performance in the Hall by the Year 2 Choir.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our second hand uniform shop is currently located in the Hall Gallery. Thank you to Carolyn, Jen and Julia for kindly volunteering their time to keep all the uniforms neatly stored and easily accessible in size order. If you would like to purchase an item from the second hand uniform please select what you need from the Gallery and pay Benita or Sue at the office. The school gratefully accepts recycled uniform items.  Please avoid sending in stained, faded or damaged items.

School Production Auditions
Thank you to those Year 5 and Year 6 Students who auditioned for main parts of the production. Call back auditions will be held next week. Watch this space…
Thank you also to Sally Wickes and her team of BBPS student writers for their hard work and effort in creating our school production script.