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posted Jun 20, 2018, 10:53 PM by BBPS School
Annual General Meeting

Last night, prior to our School Council Meeting we held our Annual General Meeting which is an opportunity for the community to hear about important achievements that have occurred in the school over the past 12 months. This year we invited students Amy, Finley, Matthew, Peter and Ruby to speak about their experience of being student representatives on the school review panel. Student voice is highly valued at Brighton Beach and it was wonderful to hear about the school from their perspective. We thank these students and their families for attending.


Last Friday 15th June, a number of Year 6 students represented Brighton Beach Primary at a debating tournament at Brighton Secondary School. Our team consisted of Zane, Matteus, Chiara, Chloe, Ella D, Rhys, Asha, Benji, Thomas H, Ella K, Matthew, Charlie, Elissa, Thomas S, Arabella, Phoebe, Peter and Jess. All teams put in their best effort, with 2 teams eliminated in the first round and 3 teams moving forward. Out of the teams who moved forward, one was eliminated in the second round, one in the third and our final team made it all the way to the semi-finals. A big thank you to Amy Chisholm for accompanying the students on the day.
Congratulations to the radio team, Ben and Summer for a wonderful show this morning which also featured some of the debaters as guests on their program. It was a wonderful opportunity for Charlie, Asha and Thomas S to share their debating experiences with a wider audience.

Henry Lawson Writing Competition Guest Author – Ethan Yr 6

The Henry Lawson Writing Competition was the first time I have submitted my work into a writing competition. My piece is called ‘The Attack of the Sharpener’. The idea came from my own electric sharpener. I have it on my desk at school and everybody uses it. I often struggle to come up with ideas but after watching people use my sharpener I thought about how I could use this in a story. I wondered what it would be like if the sharpener came to life and got revenge on everyone who used it. I tried to make my work as descriptive as possible. I didn’t set out to write a funny story but it just turned out that way. I hope you enjoy reading it!

I was really surprised to receive an award as I prefer Mathematics to writing. It has made me think that because someone thought it was good, I now have more confidence in this area of my learning. When I was drafting the piece I was making sure I thought about what I had learnt last year. We did a lot of learning about descriptive language. I also worked hard to make sure my story wasn’t repetitive. It took me 3 drafts to get it how I wanted it. Unfortunately I couldn’t drive up to Grenfell NSW to receive my award but the other day it arrived in the mail. I felt really excited to receive my medal and have my piece published in the anthology.


To read Ethan’s piece, ‘The Attack of the Sharpener’ see pg 5


Congratulations to our Girl’s Football Team!
Yesterday our Year 5 and 6 football team competed at the ‘Girls District Football Tournament’ achieving outstanding results. Led by their coach Josh Ancrum, the team only had one goal scored against them in all four matches including the Grand Final.

Round 1 -  BBPS Vs Brighton PS 28-0

Round 2 – BBPS Vs Beaumaris North (B Team) 58-0
Round 3 – BBPS Vs Beaumaris 32 – 6

Grand Final – BBPS Vs Beaumaris North (A Team) 22-0


The team members were Chiara, Ella D, Elayna, Zoe, Milly F, Amy, Lucy, Milla, Jessie, Ella K, Ruby, Sophie, Arabella, Phoebe, Elyse T, Rafaela, Alice, AJ, Indi and Lexi.


They will now go on to represent our district at the Division Finals next Term.