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posted Jun 28, 2018, 6:52 PM by BBPS School   [ updated Jun 28, 2018, 6:53 PM ]

President’s Report

An end of semester report by Lisa McGowan as the School Council President has been included in this newsletter. We acknowledge the time that all of our school council members commit to the important role of school governance. Please see

Lisa’s report in this newsletter.

2 Minute Zone - Important Safety Reminder

We ask all drivers to be mindful as they enter or leave the 2 minute zone for drop off or pick up or when attempting to park at these busy times. Running late should never be a reason to compromise safety. No student is ever in trouble for being late and this was made clear at assembly on Monday and students were asked to only enter of leave the car when it is stationary and parallel parked within the designated zone. The safety of all our students arriving or leaving school requires drivers to be mindful, to take care, slow down, be patient and know that everyone is responsible to ensure

our students stay safe.
The bayside council parking inspectors do patrol the designated parking and drop off areas to ensure restrictions are being observed.


BBPS v BPS Annual Dads' Footy

Our SRC leaders Phoebe and Matthew hosted Ben Robb in a Q and A at assembly this week. Their questions highlighted the developments that are unfolding as the BBPS dads prepare for this year's Brighton Community Cup. Phoebe and Matthew interviewed Ben to find out about the 2018 footy challenge: the jumpers and the eagle and turtle designs done by a team of students with indigenous artist Mick Harding; the logo representing two school communities and the name change; the modified tackling rules; the exciting news about the venue and the commitment to support a charity whilst also fundraising for both schools. Congratulations to our representative dads who have continued to evolve this community family footy day as part of the school parent association calendar of events. Save the date Saturday 25th August and if you would like a jumper see the flyer in this newsletter to order by this Friday.

Staffing Update

Kim Ancrum is returning full time in Term 3. Josh will continue in his role as Head of Sport and Physical Education at BBPS, teaching this specialist program on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mrs Meg Read will be returning from family leave to her teaching role at BBPS in a part-time capacity. She will replace Josh on Mondays and will be teaching PE. She will also take over from Josh in 3OA. Many of the students already know Meg as their classroom teacher in the Junior School. We look forward to welcoming Meg and Kim back for the commencement of Semester 2, and wish Josh all the best in his stay at home duties.

Cyber Safety – Curriculum Corner

Please see the information from Naomi Beales and our ICT Team regarding screen time and appropriate

games to suit primary age students.

Henry Lawson Writing Competition Guest Author – Thomas H Yr 6

This is not the first time I have entered a writing competition but it the first time I have received a prize. My piece is called ‘George’ and it is about a small gorilla who is bullied by all the other gorillas in his class. I got the idea to write about a gorilla randomly and the theme around bullying came to my mind from class circle time activities. The message in my story is to accept people for who they are. I hope that people take away from reading my story the importance of not judging people by how good they are at sport or school but wanting to be their friend because of their personality.


When I found out I received an ‘Encouragement Award’ I was really surprised. It came as a shock because I was listening to the school radio show when Miss Chisholm announced that Ethan and Summer had received awards. As my name wasn’t announced at this time I didn’t think I would receive anything. But a few days later we found out that my story had been selected for an Encouragement Award. I was really happy because I put lots of effort into drafting, editing and publishing my piece. I have always enjoyed writing but receiving this award has made me realise that I am quite good at it too. I definitely want to continue writing in the future.


Have a relaxing and safe holiday ready for a performing arts term and our production!!