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posted Sep 13, 2018, 11:16 PM by BBPS School

Market Day

Congratulations to all Year 5 & 6 students for a highly successful Market Day this week. And a big thank you to the teachers, parents and school community for supporting this learning opportunity. The Year 5 and 6 students share key learnings about financial management below:

“We remade our finances by having enough but not too many prizes for each grade” Michael, Yr 6

“It was good to learn how to calculate catering for large groups, and time management when preparing and organising for an event” Phoebe, Yr 6

“Most stores that had a challenge raised more money because they were popular to customers” Scott, Yr 5

“We dropped our prices and ended up selling more” Poppy, Yr 5

“The location of our business by an entry/exit meant that more people walked by and told their friends about our store” Nicholas, Yr 5

“MD was very good. The rush of people to serve was a challenge. Pleasant surprise when Hugo came and helped”. Henry Yr 6

“Good when it was busy, and keeping loads of people happy with their orders”. Charlie Yr 6

“If you were to choose where it was then thinking of passing customer trade”. Thomas Yr 6

The total money raised was $3307. All proceeds will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, as chosen by the students. Congratulations to our whole community on an outstanding effort.

District Athletics

Well done to all students in Grades 4-6 who competed in the District Athletics on Tuesday. And a big thank you to the teachers and parents who were involved in supporting the students. A special mention to the parents of our high jumping competitors, who went above and beyond to ensure students could participate in their postponed event.


Leo won the district high jump at 1.5metres and broke the district high jump record for the 11 Boys Age group.



As of September 1st, all students are required to wear appropriate school hats when participating in outside activities, as per our Sun Smart Policy. Students without hats will be directed to play in the shade or undercover.


REMINDER - Class Placement 2019

Each year we invite parents to share particular concerns that may assist to inform class placements for next year. Should your child have particular learning needs that require consideration for class placement in 2019, please put these in writing and email the office by the end of this term, 21st of September.


Pedestrian Crossing

Sadly, we say goodbye to Jai our longstanding crossing guard on Exon Street. We would like to thank Jay for his energetic greetings, and commitment to keeping our community safe. In acknowledgement of his years of service, we will be dedicating the Exon gate to Jay. Bayside City Council are currently looking for a replacement, please contact them should you know of anyone. Bayside Council will be providing us with a temporary replacement crossing guard in the meantime.


Anaphylaxis Policy

Our Anaphylaxis Policy has been reviewed by the School Council Education Policy sub-committee, in keeping with Department Guidelines. Please find the policy attached for your perusal and provide any feedback to Kim Ancrum by the end of term, via email to the school office.


Early Finish

A reminder that next week is the last week of term. We will be having an early finish of 2:30pm on Friday, 21st September. Assembly will be held on Monday, as per normal.