BBPS House Athletics Carnival

All credit to the BBPS community for another great sports day with our students striving for personal bests both on and off the field.

Congratulations must go to Mr Ancrum for his attention to detail and the meticulous planning that enables the very smooth running of this day. A big thankyou to the teachers, nurses, student teachers and parent helpers who combine as a team to ensure all events run to time and students are supported to participate fully and accept the challenges of competing across a number of different events.

A highlight was the feedback from many parents who commented on the excellent sporting spirit displayed by all of the students and in particular the leadership shown by the year six students who supported and encouraged younger students to keep going. Some students were recognised for their outstanding resilience and perseverance in tough events setting a fine example to others.

Our Year three students were clearly excited about their first athletics carnival experience. Read what some had to say…

Archie F – ‘It’s fun, it gets you all excited, lots of people in year 3 have been excited because it is our first time.’

Ella – ‘ It is really challenging and really fun because it is our first time.’

Tommy B – ‘It’s hard because there are lots of really fast people.’ Neve – ‘ It is hard because in the running races you nearly stop breathing because it is the first time and you are excited and nervous at the same time.’

Josh F – ‘It’s tiring when you have to ty your hardest and do your best.’

Ava – ‘The 100 and 200 metre races were the easiest.’

Celebration of the Education Support (ES) Staff

On Tuesday we held a special morning tea to celebrate the enormous contribution our ES staff play in the learning of our students and smooth operation of the school. They are an exceptional team who were lucky enough to be visited by our own resident ‘Bachelor’!