ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

BBPS students use ICT for 3 main areas:

  • To develop and represent their thinking visually.
  • Create problem solutions and information products, ranging from simple to more complex ones.
  • Learning how to use online environments and tools to research, communicate and share information and knowledge

All our classrooms have access to networked multimedia computers and interactive whiteboards. We also have hubs of computers in the library and senior school collaborative learning centre. Students are privileged to have multiple Netbooks and iPads available to them for classroom use. Students in the Junior School (P-2) use the computers to help develop Literacy and Numeracy skills and basic word processing and PowerPoint skills for presentations. Senior School students usage focuses more around collaborative projects, multimedia authoring, programming, spread sheets and research using both the Web and reference CDs. Senior students create their own video productions that involve specified content, scripts, props and editing. Mathletics access is available to all students. We have resourced every classroom with digital projectors and are budgeting to install interactive technology across the school. At this stage more than half of the classrooms have access to this technology at any given time of the day. At the beginning of 2013, Brighton Beach will be introducing ICT captains which will be leaders in helping our school advance further with our use of technology on our school. They will be responsible for leading a team in researching resources for students and teachers to use, creating a student friendly agreement policy and presenting to our community to keep them informed and cyber safe.