Performing Arts

Every student at Brighton Beach Primary School participates in a Performing Arts class each week.  The lessons cover three disciplines of the Arts – Music, Drama and Dance. Children learn specific skills to enhance their learning whilst creating and making. In the upper years children explore and respond to different art/music forms. Performances and presentation of work are encouraged. During lessons, students’ self-esteem and confidence improve through participation in both group and individual activities.  In Music lessons, children listen, sing, move to, play (using tuned/ untuned percussion instruments), create and respond to music of different genres. The elements of music are taught as are notation skills. Grade 3 and 4 children learn about the elements of music and how to read conventional notation. They are also taught how to play the recorder as an introduction to learning an instrument.

 During dance lessons, children have the opportunity to experiment with movement, create their own dances and to participate in dance performances to a wider audience They also learn simple folk dances and current social dance styles. Drama is approached largely through games and improvisational activities. The focus is on developing basic skills and confidence in movement, mime and effective vocal techniques. Students are also given opportunities to work with scripted plays and to perform to a wider audience.