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(Languages Other Than English)

Brighton Beach Primary School recognises that learning a language other than English is an important vehicle for cultural and cross-cultural understanding.


We are proud to offer as our Language Other Than English (LOTE), Japanese. As Japan is a close and important neighbour to Australia we believe the opportunity to learn Japanese is an excellent one for our students.

Brighton Beach Primary School has an engaging Japanese language program for students from Prep to Year 6.


Students build their knowledge of hiragana script, some kanji characters, useful Japanese grammatical structures and vocabulary through an exciting variety of games songs and interactive challenges.  A foreign language can seem like a big muddle of sounds and shapes, so students are taught approaches and attitudes that enable them to confidently engage with the foreignness of a new language. Beginning to read Japanese books at Brighton Beach Primary School is seen as part of ‘literacy’ as a whole.


Visit from Tokyo schools: Minato-ku

We have been privileged to host Japanese Year 6 students from a district in Tokyo called 'Minato-ku'.  The direct student to student connections created personalises the Japanese language experience and powerfully contributes to the emergence of the new generation of global citizens.


Japanese Dance

Students are invited to a lunch time club to learn Japanese dance. Choreographies are jointly created with students and performance opportunities including assembly, Minato-ku farewell ceremony, open night and sometimes external venues.

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