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Term 4 Week 6

15 Nov 2018

The week gone …

Year 4/5 Bike Education has begun. Students are involved in a number of drills, aimed at developing road awareness when riding a bike. Year 4 will go on their full day bike ride next Wednesday, 21 Nov and Year 5 will follow on Friday, 22 Nov. If any parents are able to assist on any bike education day, please contact your class teacher. Thanks to Ms Braunfor her organisation of the program.




Students who participated in the ICAS competitions will receive their ICAS results early next week. Families of students receiving a credit or higher have been notified, as these students will be presented with their certificate at Monday’s assembly.


Year 2 Sleepover

It was with great anticipation that Year 2s entered our school grounds on Friday evening, ready for the annual Year 2 sleepover. Once beds were set up in the junior classrooms, and PJs were on, students enjoyed an opportunity to have a night away from home. This is the first step in our whole school camp program from Year 2-6. Highlights, according to Year 2, included “Having the playground to ourselves”, “Actually getting to play with the teachers”, “Watching the funny movie”, and “Getting to go to the staffroom for supper”. Many thanks to Alison Coutts and the teachers who joined in the fun.

Flynn – We watched the “Little Rascals” and it was funny

Ivy – We were supposed to go to bed at 9.00pm but some of us talked till 10.00pm

James – We played sport in the playground when we arrived

Ava - We got to go up to the staffroom and drink milo

Zoe-It was really fun and we got popcorn and I was really surprised there was enough popcorn and milo for everyone to have seconds.

Euan – There were three rooms we could sleep in and they were called parsley, mint and rosemary.



Year 3/4 Excursion

Last week Year 3 and 4 participated in a series of skill-based workshops with Circus Oz.

“We learnt how to juggle properly, use a trick stick, make a human pyramid and how to do specific techniques so that the tricks worked” (Jules, Catia, Spencer, Axl – Year 4).

“We enjoyed watching the Circus show, doing cool acrobatics and it was funny because of all the things they were doing” (Kayden, Cooper – Year 3).

BBPS Host School

Last week, our Year 5 Bullystoppers team – along with our network schools, Hampton PS, Sandringham PS, Sandringham East PS and Beaumaris North PS – launched their completed challenge in an exhibition that showcased games aimed at teaching students about cyberbullying. There was an array of games, from board games, life sized games, and BBPS’ ICT game. Congratulations to all students involved, and to Megan Craig for facilitating the event. Our game will be showcased during the STEAM exhibition, taking place Friday, 7th Dec.


“My favourite game was a Kahootz quiz about what is right and wrong when online” Bailey M

“Everyone’s board games were out of the ordinary and really creative” Lucas

“I’ve learnt more about cybersafety, especially when Susan Maclean talked to us earlier in the year and taught us how to be safe in the online world” Connor

“I’ve enjoyed being part of the Bullystoppers Team because it made me realise the seriousness of bullying, and I learnt that on devices you need to be aware at all times and have your restrictions on” Alice


Next week’s events


Resilience Project

You may have already received a letter from your child inviting you to this great event. Hugh van Cuylenburg will be running our parent session as part of the Resilience Project on Tuesday, 20th November at 7pm. With a focus on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, Hugh will be talking about how to build resilience in our children. Click on the link below for further information about this FREE event taking place in our school hall.


Launching Our New Website

It is with great excitement that the School Council Marketing and Publicity Sub-committee announce the launch of our new school website. Special thanks to Roel Beckers for giving his time and expertise, and to Cathy Kirkham for leading this project. Our new website has now gone live, and we encourage all of our community to take a look. Students will be invited at Monday’s assembly to be part of a class competition, ‘Where’s Franz?’, as a way to familiarise families with the website. Students will need to find Franz, hidden on the website, and complete a Google Form in order to enter. The class with the most entries will win a pizza party, to be announced at the Community Christmas party.





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