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Brighton Beach Primary School

19 Windermere Cresent

Brighton 3186, VIC


Term 4 Week 11

20 Dec 2018

What a fantastic year filled with fun, energy and learning. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our students, staff and parents for your contributions to our school community this year. They say it takes a village, and we believe that we have an outstanding village here at BBPS. Please enjoy the showcase of photos from all of our adventures this year.


Graduation 2018

Heartfelt thanks to the diligent, Year 6 graduation committee and all the parents who assisted in any way in the preparations for the traditional Graduation Lunch. The hall is transformed every year and the ‘Disco’ theme provided another ‘blast from the past’. Students loved the relaxed seating and all the special effects, not to mention the yummy Burgers Royale! After the lunch parents, teachers and students transform the hall again for the formal Graduation Ceremony. This year the federal member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson presented the inaugural Goldstein Award to Phoebe Stubbington in recognition of her service to others. This is the beginning of another proud graduation tradition. Well done Phoebe!


In the words of the students…

’Year 6! Now that’s a year I will remember.’

‘I’ve made new friends, tried new things and I’m a different person.’

‘I’m so thankful for the memories.’

‘There’s been some ups and downs but we’ve all gotten through them together.’

‘In hindsight all of these events helped me to build resilience and helped me to try new things.’ They helped me to grow as a person.’

‘I will be starting a new journey in life going into high school.’

‘All the things I have learnt and all the memories I have, makes me feel really fondly of my time at Primary School. I hope year 7 will be just as fun and great as BBPS.’

‘You’ve done well BBPS!’

‘Year 6 is the best ever…but who knows what will happen in Year 7 and high school.’


We wish all our Year 6 well whatever their hopes and dreams. We hope they further come to appreciate themselves and their particular dispositions. We hope they can use the teachings from The Resilience Project (GEM) gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. As teachers and parents, we can help them to understand that they all have the capabilities to pursue the goals they set for themselves; and that resilience continues to develop and they will be able to face and overcome the challenges life will naturally place before them. 


It does indeed ‘take a village to raise a child’. Together lets support our children to understand what George Bernard Shaw meant when he said, ‘life is not about discovering ourselves, it is about creating ourselves.’ 

And finally as Atul Gawande reminds us,


 ‘…Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.’


Thank you Morning Tea:

Thank you to all the parents who have helped throughout the year in any shape or form. Teachers thanked our parents last Friday, with a morning tea in the staffroom.


Meet the Teacher:

All children met their 2019 classroom teacher today, where they had an opportunity to meet, greet and build relationships.


2019 Staffing

Prep: Shanti Treloar, Kirsty Walker, Paloma Ellis-Vega

Grade 1: Kylie White, Bonnie Anderson, Alice Mareska

Grade 2: Alison Coutts, Jodie Gates

Grade 3: Kirsten Braun, Meg Read/Georgia Hellier

Grade 4: Kate O’Hara/Claire Paitiridis, Vanessa Gadea, Nick Duckett

Grade 5: Megan Craig, Paul Thompson

Grade 6: Amy Chisholm, Naomi Beales

PE: Josh Ancrum

Performing Arts: Sally Wickes

Japanese: Esther Yamada

Visual Arts: Georgia Hellier and Anoushka Prockiw

School finishes tomorrow at 1:30pm. Our end of year assembly will take place at 12:30-1:15, the final bell will got at 1:30pm.


A special thanks to Viv Vlantis and Jen Ermogenis for their dedication to both lost property and second hand uniforms.  These two important roles really support families and all members of the community in looking after belongings.


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday. Students return Friday, February 1st – see you then! The school office will be open Tuesday 29th January.




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