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Term 1 Week 8

21 Mar 2019

National Young Leaders’ Day

Grade 6 attended this annual conference at Melbourne Exhibition Centre earlier this week and were inspired by the stories of a variety of leaders, including Liesel Jones (Olympic Swimmer) and Tim Diamond (Cotton On). Students took away some key messages:

“I learnt about pushing through hard times in your life” Chris

“Liesel Jones told us we can achieve our goals by breaking it up into bits” Dan

“Have a go, and then something great might happen” Isabella

“It was interesting to meet students from other schools and to hear about other people’s journeys” Tess




Leadership Assembly, Monday 25th March

Monday’s assembly will be a celebration of our school leaders, with Year 6 and the SRC receiving their badges. Please come along to join us at 2:45pm.



Today was the perfect day for a walk around our school. A big thank you to the PA, and all the parents who supported our students to engage in an active lifestyle to raise money for our school. Special thank you to Jenny Ermogenis and Viv Vlantis for their outstanding coordination of this event. Well done to all our students.


“It was so fun that we got to keep walking around the school” Tess, PW

“I enjoyed the healthy treats at the end, I had a mandarin” Alex, PW

“I got 12 laps!” Daisy, 2G

“I feel proud of my 14 laps, and I’m really exhausted” Jack, 2G

“It was great you got to hang out with your mates” Will, 4D

“I enjoyed walking and talking with my friends” Rhiana, 5C

“I enjoyed it because it was really good exercise” Matt, 5C



Tennis Tournament

Well done to all students who competed in the Senior Tennis Tournament this week. Thanks to Josh Ancrum for coordinating this event for the Beachside District.



Parent information Evening Susan McLean – Cyber Safety Navigating Social Media

Thank you to the many parents who have communicated the value of this session held last Thursday night at Tucker Road Bentleigh PS. Some key takeaways include:

“Remember you are the ‘parent’ NOT the ‘friend’ and its okay to say NO!” Set time limits and stick to them.


Adults have the responsibility to support children to navigate the internet safely!

Popular social media sites are for children aged 13 years and over.

By the time a child turns 8 years of age they will have been on a screen for the equivalent of 1 year. Kids today are raised online. It’s not wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just different, be prepared for a different experience!!

A digital footprint starts the moment you start posting – avoid the temptation of posting every waking moment of your child online

The average age of pornography exposure for boys is 8 years (they either look for it or are shown it)

Cyberbullying has been happening for 25 years and it is increasing

Sexting – the sexual exploitation of children is at epidemic proportions (the sending of inappropriate photos)

Grooming – Sexual predators target internet sites designed for children

Problematic gaming – screen time needs to be monitored by parents in order to help students achieve a balance

Violent content – Games are designed to be addictive, Fortnite is NOT suitable for primary age children (know what your children are watching)

Everyone has a ‘digital reputation’ – Google yourself, google your children.



Learn to take control, as children have no fear. Devices have in built parameters – you have control through ‘Family Sharing’. For additional support check out ‘Family Zone’ (Australian)

  1. Get all devices and screens out of bedrooms. Use clock radios as alarms.

  2. Negotiate a ‘family online contract’.

  3. Know your child’s password

  4. Talk early – talk often (your children need to be able to tell you anything)

  5. Be the parent NOT the best friend

  6. Build balanced habits – set time limits and stick to them

  7. Involve the school

  8. Resources - Refer to the ‘esafety commission’, Susan McLean, Michael Carr-Gregg,


Many thanks to parent Chris Raboteg for instigating and organising this event way back in 2018.


Holiday Program

The program is now open for bookings on our website – to see what has been planned go to

An email has gone out to inform parents who currently use the OSHC service informing parents of the holiday program in place for our Term 1 break. Many thanks to Tash Zakhour the Operations Manager for “Their Care” our OSHC provider for setting this up.


Finding 15 – A walk for a Special Cause

New parent to BBPS Kath Jones needs support from our caring community.  Please refer to page 10 in the newsletter.


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