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Term 1 Week 9

28 Mar 2019

This week at BBPS:


2019 School Council has been confirmed and it is with great pleasure that we can confirm the membership. Welcome back to Mel Murphy (Ben 6B), Lisa Mitchell (Oakley 5C), Deidre Lewis (Felix 4D), Rish Saraw (Yuvi 3B, Arji 1A) and Violetta Wuiske (Oscar 2G). We also welcome new members Roel Beckers (Pieter 4D, Matthias 2G) David Capps (Sophia 1M, Joshua Prep T) Helen Tiver (Elise 6B, Warwick 1A) and Rachel Helyer (Toby 6B). Additionally we welcome Alison Coutts and Vanessa Gadea as DET members along with Assistant Principal Kim Ancrum and myself as Principal.


BULLYING INCURSION - P-2 enjoyed a performance by Starr Productions titled ‘Bully No More’, which explored strategies students can use when experiencing troubles with friends. Year 3-6 attended the performance, ‘The Cyber Bully’, focussed on building positive relationships with your friends online. Students learnt:

Belle, Grade 2 “Some bullies might have some other bullies of their own and that’s why they are mean”

Mia & Lulu, Grade 3 “Even if you think it’s a person you know [talking to you online] it might not be them”

James, Grade 3 “Don’t say bad things online if you wouldn’t say it to their faces”

Gab, Grade 4 “Don’t react if someone says something mean to you online because it might not be true or who you think it is, and then you’ll feel ashamed”

LEADERSHIP ASSEMBLY - Congratulations to our SRC representatives and Grade 6 leaders who were presented with their badges this week. Grade 5 SRC reps will receive their badges at the end of term assembly next Friday, April 5. Our SRC Coordinator, Madi Kwok, reminded us that leadership doesn’t happen by magic (see this week’s Media Captain report), words that were mirrored by Tim Wilson who presented the badges and encouraged our students to embrace all leadership opportunities that come their way.

FRIENDSHIP LUNCH - On Friday, students met with their Friendship Lunch groups for the first time this year. These groups are led by grade 6 and are a multi-age group made up of students from P-6. The purpose behind these termly meetings is to build cross-age relationships and student engagement and wellbeing. Thank you to Miss Mareska and our SRC Vice-Captains Ramon and Alice for organising this program.

Alice, SRC Vice-Captain “The Friendship Gatherings help you get to know the new preps and see friends who might play in different playground areas at school”

Edan, Grade 3 “I enjoyed sitting together with different people”

Anya, Grade 3 “We played Flinch and it was funny when Franz joined in”

Mitch, Grade 3 “I liked playing different games”

Indi, Grade 4 “We drew what we liked to do in our spare time and shared it with our group”

Luca, Grade 2 “It’s nice to spend time with other people”


PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT WITH SUSAN MCLEAN  - Please see parent Rita Kwok’s (Madi and Aaron) feedback below, regarding the recently held Parent Information Night with Susan McLean, held in conjunction with Tucker Road Bentleigh PS


Hi Bev,


In addition to the comments that were in the Thursday 21st newsletter, as a parent attendee to Susan McLean's session I gained some valuable insights, some which were logical and 'common sense' - like, and some which were 'unexpected' and thought provoking:


The biggest 'eye-opener' was how my child/teenager could be targeted by a predator, or sent hurtful messages online, and that it could be happening right under my nose, and unless my child/teenager speaks to me about it, it could go undetected, because my child/teenager wants to deal with it themselves (to show resilience), or they don't want to cause trouble, or be embarrassed.


The best message I got from this evening was to tell my kids:  "Nothing is so bad that you can't talk to me about it."  The next day I told this to my kids, and their dad reinforced this.  As parents, it's up to us to continually reinforce this message in any given week, and to remind our kids that "no matter how bad something is, it's ok to tell us - we will always support you."


Also, the message that “our kids today will learn differently and study differently to us” has made me more consciously aware not to jump in and give instructions on how to conduct a home learning process - but to observe more, and if their method is working, to just let it be. 


I loved Susan’s blunt, and funny style. 


When I asked Aaron if he had any invitations from strangers to join in on online games, he said ‘yes’.... there were over 30 strangers. Thankfully, he didn’t accept any of them, and then deleted every invitation - I call this ‘cyber-smarts’ - the equivalent to ‘street-smarts’ but online! 


Thanks again. 



Coming Up - RE: Christian Religious Education is again being offered this year, due to start week 2 of Term 2 (Wed, 1st May). As this is an opt-in program, please email the office should you wish your child to attend.


End of Term: A Reminder that next week is the last week of term (!). School finishes at 2:30pm on Friday, April 5. Our end of term assembly – and annual Easter Raffle!- will be held on Friday in the hall, starting at 1:30pm.


YEAR 5 CAMP - Year 5’s returned today from a week in Phillip Island at the Adventure Camp. We look forward to hearing their reflections next week about the activities they have enjoyed, including surfing, the Penguin Parade and the talent show. Our grade level camps are a great opportunity for students to build friendships and resilience each year.







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