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Term 3 Week 2

25 Jul 2019

5Rrrrrs Award: Congratulations to recipients and presenters for this week’s 5RRRs awards at assembly.

Leadership: Year 6 leaders shared at assembly this week some key actions they are leading this term:

Coding Club 3-6 in the Library on Mondays – Oliver and Matthew, Coding Captains

Maths Olympiad – Ben and AJ, Sport House Captains

House Singing – Amy & Leo, Sport House Captains

Book Week and Parade – Lina, Library Captain with the support of the Performing Arts Captains Ariella, Isabella and Finley.

Term 3 Friendship Lunch – Ramon & Alice, SRC Vice-Captains

The Art Show – Charlie, Zali, Ethan, Amica, Visual Arts Captains

House Points – Jack, Environmental Captain

Lunchtime Clubs (last 2 weeks of term) – Sport Vice Captains and SRC representatives

Junior School ICT Lessons – Issy, Tom, Nick & Lucas, ICT Captains


Our leaders have introduced some regular segments at our weekly assemblies to build communication and connection in our community, including:

What’s Up With Harvey – a preview of key events taking place across the school that week.

Hot Playground Tips with Tess and Milly – based on student feedback, these two peacemakers provide useful strategies to solve problems in the playground


Excursions: Our Junior School have ventured out this term to a number of exciting places, linked to their learning foci for this term.


Prep – Museum


Ed “I liked the bugs area because there were funnel webs. The olden day people’s house was good too because we got to go inside”


Jack “There was a really cool ocean inspection and we got to see a real octopus on the screen with 3D glasses”


Ethan “I really liked seeing the spiders because it was so cool”


Jade “I saw dinosaurs and Bunjul from the first people’s dreaming”



Year 1 and 2 – Science Works


Harry 1A “At the show, the man blasted a rocket ship and it missed the target, it was really funny”


Lyla, Mateo 1A “When we had to get the diamond by using your feet or arms, it was so much fun!”


Evan 1W “All the games upstairs were awesome, like the one where you chose your leg, arm or brain to muscles to get the gems”


Tommy, Madi 1W “We liked the running one because you had to try and beat the runner [Cathy Freeman] on the screen”



Julie Shepherd:

It was a pleasure to welcome those parents who joined us for our session on early literacy, led by consultant Julie Shepherd. Julie’s key messages when supporting your child to read and write at home and the websites she mentioned.


  • Make reading an enjoyable experience

  • Use meaning as your main strategy to help your child decode words

  • Teach the letters of the alphabet, at school we focus on the sounds





Enrolment for 2020

Please make sure if you have a preppie starting in 2020 that we have your enrolment forms. If not please contact the office.


Year 3: Response to a Text MY CAT MAISIE by Pamela Allen

Julie modelled a sequence of lessons in year three. After hearing Julie give a summary of the story, then read the story, the students responded to the text with a personal connection. They could choose from a list of options, which included multiple ways of drawing about it or writing about it.


Enjoy the following written responses from the first lesson in the sequence:


A connection about the story is when me and my brother fight, and I don’t want to, so I go away. Brody


When my dog “Happy” trusts a person she lets them pat her tummy. I learnt this when Victoria in Year 1 came to my house and she was really kind to ‘Happy’. So, Happy let Victoria pat her tummy. Sophia


Winter, my cousin’s cat, only licked me the third time I went when Winter was there. She hides under my uncle and aunty’s bed. Isabella


That was horrible. It’s just pure torture to the cat. It’s remarkable that he came back. Euan


Inviting all parents with students in years three and four Thursday 1st August

Come along to our Senior Years (5/6) Information Night, next Thursday at 6:15pm in the CLC. This session provides information of our programs in grade 5 and 6 including student leadership, learning extension, camps and the ‘Upstanders’ Community project.  Please RSVP to Benita at with “Senior Years Info Night” in the subject line if you intend to come to assist us with catering.


If your child is not returning to Brighton Beach Primary School in 2020 can you please let Benita know via email at with “2020 Student not returning” in the subject line, as we are beginning our workforce planning for next year.


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