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Term 3 Week 8

5 Sep 2019

Celebration of learning

Many thanks to all families who attended our annual student led conferences. As a school we has been revising the use of authentic learning goals to support students to understand and articulate their next step learning. Tuesday night was a showcase of the depth of learning taking place across the school. Well done to all students and teachers involved.


Giles, Year 1 “I liked playing the maths game with mum and Hugh. I also got to show my favourite writing and why.”

Marta, Year 1 “I did lots of games with my dad and he liked it. I felt happy and proud”

Tilly, Year 1 “In the maths game we had to show arrays and I filled in all my boxes. It was great to share my reading with mum and dad”

Rhys, Year 1 “I was happy reading to granny and my mum. We did a few games and then we went to the Art Show”

Stella, Year 2 “I’m proud of my writing and I showed mum two pieces of writing – one that described the character and the other a really strict teacher using precise words”

Struan, Year 2 “I was proud to show mum my multiplication monster. It showed I knew arrays and my times tables”

Nico, Year 5 “I liked the way we set it out this year – it was great showing different activities like our reading sculptures, being tested by our parents using our maths question cards, and sharing book club which I love. I’m reading War Horse”

Jaime, Year 5 “I was good to show mum what we do in class and have an in-depth conversation. I was proud of my work”




Father’s Day

Parents, children and staff all enjoyed a wonderful celebration of our dads last Friday when the hall was filled with activities, from Connect Four to Name that Rock Star as part of our Father’s Day breakfast. A huge thank you to all the parents who helped with this event, and the father’s day stall. Special thanks to Jenny Ermogenis (Demi, Year 4) and Anna Tracey (Camille, Year 3) for your coordination.


Art Show
This week have worked closely with our VA captains throughout the year leading up to this event. Thank you also to the parents who helped with behind the scenes set up and delivery.
Grace, Year 1 “There were lots of really good artworks and my nanna and I watched the choir perform”

Luke, Year 1 “Both my nannas came and we went looking for my artwork and found two paintings – my blossom tree and flower”

Girls Hockey Team ... are off to state!

Wishing our team the best as they play the next round on September 12th. Congratulations on their efforts so far, and many thanks to the parents who supported the girls (especially our support coach Deb Barden).


Parent workshop next week

Final session offered this term to support parents with building positive relationships and relationships with your children. Please see flier in this week’s newsletter and RSVP by consenting to the Parent Event on Compass.



We are a Sun Smart School and have a “No Hat, No Play” policy. It is essential your child has a brimmed hat available for use at all times. We recommend you include a spare hat in their bag. Students without hats are directed to sit in designated shade areas.


Hats are to be worn outdoors from the 1st of September through to the 1st of May.


Use of sunscreen is also strongly encouraged and should be supplied by you if you would like your child to reapply during the day.

Additional parts of the uniform include a school bag and raincoat.


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