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Term 3 Week 9

12 Sep 2019

Flag Raising Assembly

James Newbury attended this week’s assembly in support of a student-led initiative which resulted in the introduction of the Torres Strait Islander flag and the installation of a new flag pole. Thanks to the Media Captains and Paul Thompson for supporting the Year 5’s to share some insightful knowledge about our flags.


ICAS Competitions

Students participated in both Spelling and Writing competitions this week. Mathematics will take place next Thursday. This is the first year ICAS has offered its competitions online. Many thanks to those of you who have been patient with the payment challenges that have come with this new format.


Year 3 Camp

We wish Year 3 all the best next week as they embark on their first ever school camp to Camp Oasis, Mount Evelyn from Wednesday to Friday. Reports from students who have previously attended is that it is “one of the best camps ever” and “the food is awesome!”


Prep Incursion

Trash Puppets: Preps participated in an engaging incursion that explored the reusable capabilities of cardboard and plastic. This incursion supported the exploration of our STEAM curriculum.


Luca: We made puppets out of rubbish and I made a good monster. It was made with a milk bottle, bottle lids, an icy pole stick and a strawberry container.


Bella: We learnt that there are a few kinds of puppets that you can make. One is a string puppet, one is a hand puppet and one is a stick puppet. I made a unicorn out of a box, a book box with the BFG on it and a stick and a bow. For the mane I put golden string on it, and on the mouth and the body I used string to make it move.


Malaika: Mine was made out of string, plastic and a box. It was a princess and she was wearing a dress made out of a box that was cut.


Hugo: I made a platypus string puppet and I made it with boxes, a giant water bottle and a strawberry milk jug. It has flippers and a beak that move.


Ryan: I made a dragon and it was made out of a box from a farm, a lemon Sprite drink that was empty and then some kind of material for some fire and the same material for the tail and four strings and two sticks to control the dragon.







Prep Transition 2020

Visits from St Peter’s Kindergarten this week has supported our Prep Transition program and provided about-to-be preps with the ‘school experience’ in preparation for next year. Many thanks to Kirsty Walker, Nick Duckett and the Year 4 students who engaged in reading, drawing and playground play with our visitors.


District Athletics

Congratulations to the 66 students who competed at the District Athletics Carnival at McKinnon Reserve this week. BBPS finished in second place overall, a fantastic achievement considering our comparative smaller size to our competing schools. For a number of our students this was their first ever District Carnival, congratulations! Many thanks to Naomi Beales, Paul Thompson and Josh Ancrum for supporting the students, and to the number of parents who volunteered their time and support on the day.


Sophie “We didn’t really know what to expect because we were racing against people we didn't really know their strengths and weaknesses… My legs were really sore the next day and it was a great experience”


Oliver “When you race you don’t need to feel like you need to be at the front because in the 800m race you really need to pace yourself” 


Madi K “Yesterday the events were more challenging because you were versing the best athletes from other schools, but it was still fun and I was very proud of myself”


Madi S “It was fun to verse the other schools and learn how they do their techniques for different events”


Chris “In some events when there are people who are taller and stronger than you, you just need to believe in yourself and stay calm”


Oakley “You need to put in time to practice before Districts because it’s such a big race you can’t just expect that you are going to win. Practice doesn't always make it perfect but it definitely makes you go better!”  


Jhana “When you get out of the bus it’s really overwhelming seeing all the other schools, but you just need to try your best. It doesn't matter what you come, it's about being proud of your efforts!”


2020 Workforce Planning

If your child is not returning to Brighton Beach Primary School in 2020 can you please let Benita know via email at with “2020 Student not returning” in the subject line as we are beginning our workforce planning for next year.


Class Placement 2020

Each year we invite parents to share particular concerns that may assist to inform class placements for next year. Should your child have particular learning needs that require consideration for class placement in 2020, please put these in writing and email the office by the end of this term, 20th of September.


Holiday Program

The program is now open for bookings on our website – to see what has been planned go to


End of Term

A reminder that Friday 20th September is an early finish of 2:30pm.

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