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Term 4 Week 2

17 Oct 2019

World Teacher’s Day

A giant thank you to all the families who spoilt our teaching staff last Friday with a wonderful day of feasting. We love what we do, and truly appreciate your thanks.

Next Friday is the Halloween Disco! Please see details in the newsletter of how you can be involved. Thank you to the PA for organising these wonderful events.




Prep Orientation

Our Prep Orientation program has begun, with 2020 students joining the current prep team for a total of 4 Wednesdays. During this time, our new parents have the opportunity to meet and hear about the culture at BBPS. Thank you to Kirsty Walker for coordinating this event, and welcome to all families!

When we asked our new parents: What stood out for you at BBPS? Why us? – this is what they said:

  • The kids saying hi as we went through classes

  • Community connection across all year levels

  • Interactions between staff and students was natural and friendly

  • The relationship between teachers and students

  • Small and loving school community

  • Friendly, passionate, nurturing

  • Supportive

  • Art facilities

  • Great leadership

  • Teachers are so warm and friendly, approachable and informative

  • The happiness of kids in the classroom

  • Passionate teachers

  • Well-behaved children

  • Inclusive

  • All the philosophies are in line with our parenting


Football Star Academy

Many thanks to Josh Ancrum for organising a two week soccer program for all students. Students were exposed to a range of skills and had the opportunity to play numerous games to build playing confidence.

James, Prep “I learnt not to touch the ball with my hands and to do cool tricks to help my team win”


Indi, Prep “I enjoyed the games and I loved it”

Lia, Grade 2 “We played Batman, it’s a Superman game and when someone catches your ball you come a super villain”

Tom, Grade 5 “I enjoyed learning skills from Chris because he is so good”

Hugh, Grade 5 “I enjoyed playing number soccer because it was fun to verse other people”


Year 4 Camp

Year 4 are having a wonderful time at Camp Jungai this week. Highlights have included being in cabins with friends, canoeing and the possum pull! We look forward to hearing their reflections next week.


Parent Session next week

We are having a number of issues with our Compass invite for Lael Stone’s Parenting Workshop next week, due to technical changes that have taken place with the platform. Please join us next Wednesday at 6:30pm, where Lael will share a myriad of practical strategies on how to build resilience in your children, and support them to unpack social challenges. This session will take place in the CLC, and supervision will be provided for children so that you can attend. A NEW event will be released tomorrow, please RSVP to this (even if you have already RSVPd) - thank you for your patience!).


Road Crossing

Please ensure that yourself and your children cross at our crossings, supervised by a crossing guard. This is particularly important after school, as crossing the road elsewhere (e.g on Windermere Road near the two minute zone), puts yourself and child at risk due to the high volume of traffic during this time.


Julie Shepherd

English Consultant Julie Shepherd is in this week, working one on one with teachers in the classroom to build the use of rich texts to develop deeper comprehension. Please join us tomorrow (Friday) in the staffroom at 9:15am to hear Julie’s recommendations about how you can support vocabulary development at home


Contact Details

If your contact details (or emergency contacts) have changed recently, please let the Administration Office know as it is crucial that we have current information about your child.

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