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Term 4 Week 4

31 Oct 2019

Halloween Disco - What a fantastic event! A huge thank you to all the parents who helped with this event, in particular Davina (Ayla and Josh) and Kristen (Ella, Ava and soon to be Lucas) for your organisation. Congratulations to PT and 5T, winners of the annual Halloween Banner competition.


Josh, PT “We got to eat pizza and juice”

Beau, PT “We got to dance to my favourite songs”

Milla, 1A “It was fun when the disco lights came on and I liked all of the posters”

Abby, 5T “It was fun because we got to dance with our friends”

Felix, 5T “It was fun because you didn’t know who was who and it was a surprise when you found your friends”


Grade 4 Parent information night

Many thanks to the parents who came to hear about the Friends For Life Program, the wellbeing program being facilitated in Grade 4 this term. Thanks to Kate O’Hara and Nick Duckett for coordinating this program. Kerrie Staun, DET social worker, shared a number of key strategies you can use at home to support resilience. One in particular was based on John Gottman’s work around emotional coaching –


  1. Tune in, notice and be aware of your child’s emotions

  2. Connect and Teach, using their emotion as an opportunity– make time, share your own mistakes or failures

  3. Accept and Listen, validate and recognise their emotions to show empathy and understanding “That must have been awful”

  4. Reflect, Label the emotion “You must be feeling …”

  5. Explore solutions jointly, set limits – all feelings are acceptable, but some behaviours are not “What did you do to solve it?” “How might you respond next time?”

Grade 3 iPad information night

Many thanks to students and parents who attended our annual information night, led by our Leading Teachers Kirsten Braun and Naomi Beales. Information was shared about our Bring Your Own Device program in Grade 4 and Grade 3 iDay starting this term.


Iona: “I learnt that you don’t always use iPads for work. You should always leave your iPad on your desk and don’t go outside because you could drop it”

Eve: “I learnt we won’t always be on our iPad and that they are mostly for learning. iDay is where you bring you iPad to explore the apps you will have and you get to ask questions. I think iDay is good practice for grade 4”

Aarav: “We get to use our iPads to research words we don’t know”

Chester: “We’ll be downloading a lot of apps to help with our learning”


Rugby Workshops

Students participated in a range of Rugby workshops, led by the Melbourne Rebels, during PE this week. Thanks to Josh Ancrum for organising this event using the Sporting Schools Grant.


First Aid Refresher

Staff participated in our annual First Aid Refresher course last week, focusing on revising DRSABCD, how to treat a range of playground injuries and anaphylaxis procedures. This is a mandated requirement by the Department. We are fortunate to have our nurses on site to ensure the first aid is administered at a high level.


Prada-Willi Awareness Event

Congratulations to Kath Jones (Chloe, PW) for her facilitation of a Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Event, held on Tuesday at State Parliament, alongside James Newbury MP and Juliana Addison MP. The Prader-Willi Research Foundation Australia aims to transform the lives of people with PWS and their families. It is the only Australian organisation that drives and delivers research and treatments for people living with PWS. For more information on how you can support this foundation, go to

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