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Term 4 Week 6

14 Nov 2019

Grade 2 Sleepover – our classrooms and staffroom were filled with grade 2s on Friday night, who enjoyed their first ever school camp in the form of a sleepover at school. Many thanks to Alison Coutts, Jodie Gates and Kirsty Walker who supported this opportunity. Highlights included:


Lottie “Watching the movie and drinking milo in the staffroom”

Christian “We slept all night and not even next to our mums or dads or sisters or brothers”

Sophia “Watching the movie and staying up until late





Student Agency at BBPS - Rugby Clinics – Congratulations to Ati, Eve, Sophia, Iona and Emma who planned, organised and facilitated a rugby clinic for 1W last week.

Iona and Sophia: We liked teaching 1W rugby because it was fun to see them learn how to play and help them learn drills so they know in the future.

Ati and Eve: It was very fun getting to teach the Grade 1’s. It was interesting to see their skills and they listened almost as much as they do the teachers. Most of them had never played before. We mostly enjoyed teaching our little brother and sister. It was cool to run something ourselves.


Feedback from their Grade 1 students:


Tyler “I like rugby because it is fun. I now want to play it”

Tommy “I liked passing rugby squirt and playing games”

Madi “I liked rugby squirt because we had to race another person”

Daisy “The instructions made the rules simple”



ES Team – This week our teachers celebrated and recognised the varied roles and responsibilities held by our Education Support Staff, from administration to maintenance to first aid, library to working with students in the classroom as an integration aide. We thank you all for the ongoing support and warmth that you give to all members of our school community.


Upstanders - congratulations to our Grade 5 Upstanders team whose movie about how to stay safe online premiered this week in a special network showing at Dendy Cinemas.

Dusty “Overall I was so amazed because all the movies were so good and so different”

Lauren B “All the movies had such different messages about the same topic – cybersafety”

Jai “I was really impressed. I was a bit nervous to see myself on the big screen”


Grade 1 and 2 excursion – This week Level 2 went to the Melbourne Museum to view an exhibition on toys as part of their inquiry design and make unit ‘Toys & Games’.


Bailey, Grade 1 – “I have never been to the museum but it sounds fun and cool. I am excited about seeing the dinosaurs”

Ruby, grade 1 – “I’m excited to see new things like skeletons”

Maddie, Grade 2 “I haven’t been to the museum before so I’m excited to look at all the different things”

Barton, Grade 2 “I’m excited to see the dinosaur bones and the things people used to use in the olden days”

Ben, Grade 2 “I’m excited to see what’s been happening in the past”



‘I loved that we watched a 3D movie and we got to touch toys that were really old’ -Daisy 1W

‘I enjoyed the 3D movie and the story about Grandma’s Toybox’ -Ethan 1W

‘I liked seeing the movie about how dogs are trained and help people and the little house in the museum’ -Sophie 1W



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