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Term 4 Week 10

12 Dec 2019


STEAM Expo: Last Friday was the most magnificent celebration of a term’s learning across the school in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mechanics. A huge congratulations to all students for engaging in a design and make challenge that produced playgrounds, arcade games, Rubik Goldberg machines and vehicles. Many thanks to all families who were involved, and to the STEAM Team, led by Naomi Beales, for facilitating this great annual event.


Cassie, Grade 3 “I was impressed by the preps and how much they had learnt about forces like push and pull”


Isabelle W, Grade 3 “James was funny because he knocked down our dominoes to make our machine work”


Michael, Grade 2 “We loved that everyone in our team got a job for our game. Our team effort was really good”


Indi, Grade 4 “Showing everyone our machine was a highlight. It was challenging and we really enjoyed it”


Lulu, Grade 3 “Some people were surprised by how ours worked. Sometimes in wouldn’t work but that was part of the learning”



Grade 6: With the countdown on, our current grade 6s have been engaging in preparation for next week’s graduation, secondary school transition programs and the completion of their Leadership Program. Student community action projects focussed on:


  • Sustainability: Through Digi-Tech and Litter Legend campaigns, and Visual Arts (as pictured)

  • Animal Cruelty: See interview by Amy and Bailey in next week’s newsletter, and posters by some of our Peacemakers

  • Human Rights: see Connor and Chris’ article in next week’s newsletter.

  • Gun Laws: in the form of a protest petition

  • Domestic Violence and Respectful Relationships: our SRC captains created a Scratch game for senior students

  • Bullying Prevention with a focus on Upstanding by our SRC Student Reps

  • Supporting our community, including Australian Troops overseas and children currently recovering at the Royal Children’s Hospital.


Congratulations to our grade 6s for their commitment to this program throughout the year





Prep 2020 Meet the Teacher and Student Up Day: This week all students had the opportunity to work with current teachers in the year level that they are entering next year. The purpose of this session was for students to have a ‘taster’ of the learning that takes place. Students will engage in an additional transition session over the week and will meet their 2020 teacher towards the end of next week.


Henry, Grade 4 “I’m excited about camp, meeting my new teacher and making new friends”


Liam, Grade 4 “I’m looking forward to book club and camp”


Mary & Scarlett, Grade 3 “I can’t wait to bring my own iPad”


Ethan, Grade 1 “I’m looking forward to knowing who my new teacher is”


Tyler, Grade 1 “I’m looking forward to everything, like counting over 100!”


Final Week of School: There will be no school assembly on Monday. School finishes Friday 20th at 1.30pm.


Important Dates for the Diary


Parent Morning Tea: Please join the staff in the staffroom at 11-11:30am for a thank you morning tea, our opportunity to say thanks for your contributions to our school this year!

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