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Term 4 Week 11

19 Dec 2019

Many thanks to all the members of our community for your contributions to a wonderful year at BBPS. Please enjoy the showcase and reflections of our highlights this year.


Graduation 2019 - A giant thank you to the organising committee of this year’s Grade 6 Graduation. With a theme of Red Carpet, the hall sparkled and glittered as students enjoyed their end of year lunch with the teachers. Outstanding effort to all grade 6s and their teachers Amy Chisholm and Naomi Beales, for a heart-warming and enjoyable Graduation Ceremony on Monday night. It was wonderful to be joined by so many families and teachers to celebrate the class of 2019.


Gr 6 quotes


Toby “I loved taking silly photos with my friends at the lunch”

Sophia “Performing our circus tricks was a highlight at the ceremony”

Scott “It was fun trying new skills with our friends this term for our circus performance”

Finley “We had so much fun at the after party”Alice “I loved dancing to all the songs with my friends”

Lina “I’m excited and also nervous about the start of secondary school”


We wish all our Grade 6’s every success for the years to come. We encourage you to pursue your hopes and dreams, whatever they may be, and know that teachers are there to support you always when faced with the challenges that life will naturally bring. Congratulations on this milestone in your schooling journey


School Leadership -Congratulations to all Grade 5 students on their successful appointment into leadership positions for 2020. All of these will be shared with the community early next year. We welcome Oakley and Jaime as our school captains for 2020.


Congratulations - Congratulations to Luca in Prep for receiving a highly commended award for the Goldstein Chanukah Card Competition, presented by Tim Wilson last week. Luca, with the help of his grade 5 buddy Will, designed a card that showed family coming together to share a meal and celebrate.


Highlights for 2019



Ryan “I met a few people in prep and I even had two grade 5 buddies at one time”

Billie “The playground is the best, especially the monkey bars”

Gah Yun “School is fun, and everyone is nice”


Grade 1

Arji “Maths has been my favourite because we played multiplication games with our grade 6 buddies”

Victoria “Writing has been a highlight – you can write about anything!”

Olivia “Our excursion to Melbourne Museum was lots of fun”


Grade 2

Tavneet “We went to the museum and got to play outside and see lots of things”

Harry “Playing skittle and chocolate maths games to make birthday graphs was fun, we got to eat them”

Anton “Grade 2 sleepover was fun and it was my first time sleeping at the school”


Grade 3

Charlotte D “Camp and Spelling bee”

Tyler “Camp because of the flying fox”

Will O “Camp because it was very enjoyable and we had to be very organised for all the activities”


Grade 4

Milly “Bike Ed was great – we exercised, my dad helped and the bike ride at the end was peaceful”

Madi “Our inquiry topic on Rube Goldberg was a highlight because we got to make things, and test them out for real”

Chloe “Camp because we got to hang out with our friends”


Grade 5

Will O “Camp because it was different to all the others, and we actually did camping”

Ayane “I surfed for the first time at camp and I was excited about doing our leadership applications and finding out which role we got”


Grade 6

Jimmy “Oztag interschool sports was lots of fun”

Edie “Camp was fun, and we learnt a lot”

Bailey M “Camp was a highlight, and getting to come home on a plane”


Last Week Fun - Students engaged in a plethora of fun activities this week as a celebration of a year of learning. These included:


  • Excursions: Beach (Grade 2), Whyte Street (Prep), Dendy Cinema (Grade 3/4)

  • End of Year Concert (thank you for facilitating this Miss Wickes)

  • Friendship Lunch

  • The annual Teachers vs Grade 6 netball match (go teachers!)

  • Class Parties                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Meet the Teacher - Students met their teacher for 2020 today – an opportunity to meet and greet, and begin to build new relationships. Students will have come home with a letter of introduction from their 2020 teacher – be sure to hunt for it in your child’s bag so that you too can enjoy the excitement.









Lost Property - Many thanks to Viv Vlantis and Jen Ermogenis for their ongoing dedication to lost property and the second hand uniforms. We truly appreciate you looking after everyone’s belongings. Please make sure that all lost property has been collected before the end of the year as anything unidentifiable will then be donated to second hand uniforms for 2020.


A Grade 6 Leadership Report – Amy and Bailey

This term Amy and Bailey were passionate about animal cruelty, and focussed on raising awareness about organisations that support the cause. Below is their report, written following an interview with Michaela, mum of Tallulah in Prep, about something close to her heart.


Michaela’s passion for animal rights started at the age of 4 when she horrifically saw a baby seal being slaughtered on TV. This left her devastated for months on end, and seeing her like this her mum decided that she would have to do something about it or she would continue to be traumatised by the whole experience. So with the help of her mother, Michaela wrote to the Canadian High Commission about what was happening to these poor animals. After a while she received a letter back from the Canadian High Commission. They said that they were happy that she wrote to them. This is what first got Michaela into animal rights and welfare.


Today, Michaela runs The Animal Rehoming Service Inc. and in nearly 20 years they have been able to rehome over 7000 animals, including dogs, cats, farm animals and many more. 

Every day Michaela gets lots of phone calls and emails from people looking to adopt one of these precious animals. She also helps organise foster carers, advertisements and of course, rehomes animals!

You can support Michaela and the Animal Rehoming Service on their Facebook Page: The Animal Rehoming Service Inc. Thank you Michaela for your dedication to such an important issue.



- School finishes tomorrow at 1:30pm. Our end of year assembly will take place at 12:15-1:15, the final bell will go at 1:30pm.


We bid a fond farewell to our students and families who leave us this year, and wish you all the best for the future. We wish Alice Mareska all the best as she embarks on a new adventure next year.


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday. Students return Friday, January 31st – see you then! The school office will be open Tuesday 28th January.








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