Walking School Bus

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The Walking School Bus (Fridays only)- a safe, reliable way to walk to school Walking to school used to be what everyone did.  But these days we worry about the traffic, life seems busier and sometimes it's just easier to jump in the car and drive to school. The Walking School Bus is a great way of giving your child the opportunity to walk to school even if only once per week.  It's good for parents, good for children and good for the environment. 


 Kids love walking to school. 

  • They learn basic road safety, so when they want to walk with their friends in the older years, you can be assured they know the danger spots

  • They make new friends across all age groups

  • They develop a sense of pride and achievement as their walks go towards earning certificates, presented to them at school assembly

  • They arrive on time to school safely and full of energy 

How the Walking School Bus works:

  • There is a Driver at the front of the group and a Conductor at the rear.

  • Each child has a ticket attached to their bag which is marked each time they walk with the school bus.

  • Each child is given a reflective wrist band to denote they are travelling on the Walking School Bus.

  • Equally you can "load" your child on and be assured they will get to school safe and sound.

  • Parents and toddlers in strollers are welcome to join the walk too.

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