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Our Community

In a semi rural setting by the seaside, Brighton Orphanage School no. 2048 opened its doors on April 1878 to provide free secular education to the orphaned casualties of the 'Boom and Bust' era of the 1870s.

Brighton Beach Primary School continues a proud tradition of serving its community. Our Bathing Box logo connects the past with the present and although times have changed, the focus on the wellbeing and engagement of our students remains a constant.

In a faster more impersonal world we have recognised the need for our students to learn about themselves and others and to build resilience through using the Kids Matter framework together with our values and the You Can Do It program. This paves the way for the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills as key components of the curriculum framework and continues to be a primary focus through which all other learning takes place.

E Learning, Thinking and Performing and Visual Arts, LOTE (Japanese) and Physical Education programs mean success, achievement and appeal reaches the broad range of interests and abilities that students possess.
Co-curricular enrichment opportunities are provided and vary from year to year. Support is in place for those with specific learning needs and a guidance officer provides assistance with student wellbeing. Our programs share the same common goal and that is 'To Be the Very Best You Can Be'.

Our community partnerships start with our supportive Parents Association, our 'Out of Hours Care' program and extend to our membership of the Bayside Network of schools where transition from kindergarten to primary, and primary to secondary school is enabled and coordinated with great expertise. We then reach out to global partnerships with schools in Japan through our LOTE program. These partnerships mean that our students and staff have access to a broader range of learning opportunities well beyond the school. Through the power of Information and Communication Technologies we are able to maintain and further build these partnerships.


Brighton Beach Primary School continues to change with the world around it. We continue to share the hopes and the dreams of every student who passes through our doors.

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