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30 Jul 2020

It has been another interesting week at BBPS – teaching teams continue to offer innovative learning programs, with many classes beginning live sessions (including Specialists) and additional small explicit teaching groups to cater for the needs of all students. Congrat...

30 Jul 2020

Flying the BBPS Flag

If you missed it, tune into Channel 9 news on Sunday for more reflections from members of our BBPS community. Many thanks to the Saraw family for their outstanding contributions. 

Rish shared his feelings about making the learning fun, embracing the...

25 Jun 2020

Congratulations to all of our community, especially to our students, for the way they have navigated learning from home and school this term. Students have relished the opportunity to reconnect in the playground, and have done an outstanding job ensuring everyone is sa...

19 Jun 2020

Highlights from Learning from Home – Show and Tell

We continue to celebrate some of our students’ successes and proudest moments over the term. Students continue to take up the opportunity to share with us the pieces of work they are most proud of. Now it is your chance...

12 Jun 2020

How wonderful it has been this week to hear our classrooms filled with excited voices and active learning – welcome back to all our families, and a huge thank you for all that you did from home, and continue to do to ensure our transition back to school is safe and smo...

5 Jun 2020

Returning to School – After the long weekend we can finally welcome back all our students in Years 3-6. We congratulate all our families and extended family members who have tackled this unique time in our lives. We look forward to re-connecting and celebrating with yo...

28 May 2020

It is so lovely to have part of our school back and in face to face operation. Without exception, the Junior School is very happy to be back, and we have really enjoyed welcoming parents and kids as they arrive and leave with everyone being mindful of social distancing...

21 May 2020

Supporting your child with the Return to School

What we have learned in responding to this pandemic is the social value of schools as communities and now together we are about to embark on the staged transition back to school.

We have included Andrew Fuller’s resource: r...

14 May 2020

It has been another big week at BBPS and we continue to be blown away by the learning being shared across our school through our platforms Google Drive, Google Classrooms and our Specialist Website.

30 Apr 2020

Our senior students can be rightly proud of their outstanding efforts to ensure the BBPS tradition of honouring ANZAC Day. Their collective efforts, along with 4D’s thoughtful student reflections combined with the family clips of the drive-way dawn service tributes has...

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