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Parent Payment Arrangements and

Voluntary Contributions


Our community can be proud of everything we have achieved together in 2022 and it is with confidence that we commence planning for 2023. The Parent Payment Contributions, along with the Parent Payment Policy as required by DET can be found on our website.

To provide an outstanding learning environment in our school, it is important to understand how essential these contributions are to the necessary level of resourcing desired for our children.  The financial assistance you provide our school through these contributions, alongside the ongoing fundraising by the Parents’ Association, all make a huge difference to the quality of the programs, the equipment and the facilities we can provide for our students.

All payments for 2023 can commence now and is greatly appreciated as this enables us to forward plan. Final payment is due by January 20, 2023.

Your contribution towards facilities, supplies and services used by ALL students plays an integral role in the opportunities and outcomes for your child/children. We thank you in advance for your support to ensure Brighton Beach Primary School continues to provide a first class inclusive learning environment.

For 2023, based on parental feedback, we will return to the lump sum format of requesting payment for all extra curriculum items and activities, i.e. incursions, excursions, activities, swimming and sport.  This will eliminate the ongoing requests for payment of each event throughout the year.

Brighton Beach Primary School – Building Better Pathways to Success (BBPS) to create a community learning globally.

Your choice in making these contributions enables us to broaden the educational experience for our students, over and above the provision of a standard education.

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