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Term 2 Week 1

The team at BBPS are grateful for all the heart-felt messages of encouragement and support we are receiving from our students and parents.

WE are ALL in this Together – Currently our new theme song from High School Musical (Thanks to Lisa Mitchell, see lyrics at the end of the newsletter)

BBPS Shout-Outs


Jake Borrell’s mum (Angela):

We all loved seeing you on the videos, especially Jake, it was very exciting!

Jake is looking forward to seeing you on Zoom tomorrow!

Nik Niko’s mum (Kelly):

Everything is so straight forward and work load is very manageable!

Milena’s mum (Diana):

Thank you and all the other staff for all your hard work in setting up and organising online and home learning for the kids.

Years 1/2

A shout out from Rhys Fitzgerald’s mum (Shona):

Hi Ms Gadea Firstly, thanks so much for all the work you have put into the learning plan and activities. We loved the videos also. Rhys’s face lit up when he saw you 😍

A shout out from Taleen and Taym's mum (Mira):

Hello Hello our amazing teachers! Mira here... Taym & Taleen's mom. Thank you all so much for the massive efforts in getting home schooling up and running, and the kids are so excited about zoom calls this Friday.

A shout out form Jack T’s mum (Elan)

“On a personal note we, Basil and I, would both like to personally thank all of you for everything you have done and how hard I know you have all worked trying to set this up and provide support for the parents as well. The personal sacrifice and time spent is gratefully appreciated. When I’m sure you’d all like to be tucked away safely with your own families, I can see that you have all worked tirelessly for our kids and our families. Thank you so very much.

My god I don’t know how you girls do this job? You most definitely DO NOT get paid enough, whatever that is, that’s for bloody sure!!

Thank you for all of the hard work. Jack loves the videos. “

Years 3/4

A shout out from Leila’s mum (Peita)

Hello Ryan, we hope you are well! Lei is ready to roll from home. She is even running early!

Years 5/6

A shout out from Will and Henry’s mum (Chris)

Will enjoyed the Zoom session this morning. It was a good way to start the home learning as it focused him on school work as well as giving him some much needed social Interaction.

This first day went smoothly here, I hope it was the same for you all. We really appreciate all of the work that is being done by the teaching and admin staff. Thanks!

A shout out from Jack Hardie’s mum (Nerida)

"I also wanted to personally thank you & the wonderful team at BBPS for all you’re doing to support our students. We are all here to support each other & we couldn’t do it without our teachers (my mum is a primary school veteran and I get the man hours you each personally invest into the school community)."

A shout out from Pieter and Matthias’ dad (Roel)

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate you and all BBPS teachers on putting the whole learning from home together.

We really enjoyed watching the different welcome home videos! The boys laughed very hard with the singing dog :)

A shout out from Oakley’s mum (Lisa SC President)

A big thank you to all of the teaching and support staff at BBPS for all the communication, preparation, understanding and hard work that has gone into providing a comprehensive Learning from Home program during these difficult and uncertain times. I am sure the program will go from strength to strength - well done team BBPS.

A shout out from Peter’s mum (Mary)

Hi Amy been thinking about you, stressful time for everyone especially teachers, hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Thanks for the lovely video clip the school sent of the teachers, you know me I cry at the best of times and I was in tears! …My kitchen splash back has turned into a whiteboard with all the schedules we need to follow for school!

A shout out from Oli, Archie and Lucy’s mum (Kylie):Just thought I would send a quick email to say hello and thank you for all the additional work you have done over the holidays. Our kids loved the videos that were sent through ... even Zoe watched them!

Student Quotes:

Check out the video from Oakley our School Captain – Big Shout out to Oaks for leading the way in demonstrating one approach to setting yourself a routine. Many thanks to Livvy (Oli’s big sister) for being part of the film crew!

Alice, 5T: Zoom was fun and a cool experience.

Will, 5T: A times I was muted so I couldn't call out. Overall, it was helpful and Zoom worked better than I thought.

Matt, 5T: It was easier to learn with your classmates and teacher, instead of being by yourself.

Maureen 6B– Our Zoom call was fun and helpful!

Ruby 6B- I think Zoom is a good platform to use. I enjoyed our class call. I think it will definitely help us all learn in the different time.

Oli 6B- I think that Zoom is really cool because we have this thing called a breakout room, where you can only talk to the small group of people in it, which is really helpful


Our only hiccup was the google drive. Will cannot remember his password and the system does not allow us to reset it. Are you able to reset his password please? Thanks very much.

The Importance of Drawing

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