Term 2 Week 2

We are all in this together

Our school captains are leading the way. Oakley’s example that we shared last week is being followed by Jaime’s film clip of her sharing what home learning looks like.

Jaime's Video Clip

We thank both our school captains for their efforts. Stay tuned for our first virtual whole school assembly next Monday. Watch for the compass post.

Our students are really taking up the challenge of sending in examples of their individual learning projects

Here is one inspired by The Thunderbirds from Hugh in Year 6 Hugh's movie


I hope you are all well and safe. Because I cannot go anywhere (due to COVID-19), I have made a paper mache model of Tracy Island from the TV series called ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’. If you have watched Thunderbirds Are Go, you will be very familiar with Tracy Island. It took me 3 weeks solid to build it. I used newspaper, cardboard, old food boxes/packages, sticky tape, paint and a lot of glue. I had to use 3 litres of glue to make the model. I am very proud of myself. You can make your own if you want. Just let me know by contacting and I will teach you how to do it. Stay safe everyone! Hugh

Here's another one from Mary in Year 4 doing a back-hand spring on the trampoline

Mary's Video

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the constant stream of super shout outs. Thank you for taking the time - this is a new paradigm that we are all embracing for the health of our nation. We would like to acknowledge all your efforts for making sense of the home learning for your children.

Well done to those parents who have shared the dilemmas they are struggling with as they deal with push back from their children who do not like them assuming the role of ‘the teacher’! We do often find that your children are remarkably different when they are here with us to what parents often tell us they do when they are at home. Remember, kids know the love you have for them is ‘unconditional’, regardless of how they choose to behave or react to you. Striking the right balance when parenting is really challenging.

As a partner school with ‘The Resilience Project’ you may find some useful advice to support your valiant efforts! Here is the link TRP @ Home

Years 5/6

Jhana and Nick’s Parents Pam and Craig

Good morning Megan and Amy,

I hope you are both keeping well and staying healthy.

We had been meaning to send you both this email over the weekend, yet with all this obsessive-over-the-top cleaning, the days are getting away from us .

Craig and I really wanted to take the opportunity to send you both an email to say a huge thank you. A thank you for your time, your efforts and in particular, your positivity and enthusiasm.

It’s very easy to receive the day’s workload and assess it in terms of whether we consider it extensive enough, comprehensive enough or even worthy. This may very well have been our instincts prior to this pandemic, but we feel it is so very important to sit in this space and be thankful, rather than judgemental. To be grateful and to be resilient. It’s not like we don’t have the time to make way for these positive responses and mindsets.

We work from home now and there’s no doubt that the juggle with home schooling can be (often is) challenging. We will walk out of this and realise that our patience is perhaps not our strength and we congratulate you for yours! We have never ever respected teachers as much as we do now. We feel the need to apologise to your profession for that!

You are all doing amazing jobs and if at any time, we feel there might be some voids we need to fill, we can assure you, that we have access to google worksheets, we have recipes and we have board games, all of which offer measurement, calculations and enjoyment opportunities.

We receive your compass daily activities with gratitude, we welcome your daily zooms and we strongly feel that our job in all of this, is to say thanks!

Axl’s mum Anna

Well done BBPS team!

Axl has had two fantastic first days and I couldn't agree more on the comments in the newsletter.

Very nice moves from Oaks.

Thank you!!

We hope that you are all well and healthy!

Year 3/4 Parents

Lizzie’s Mum, JoHi Miss Hellier and Mrs Read,

Thank you for all your support so far! Lizzie seems to be taking all this in her stride and almost enjoying learning from home 😊 Although she definitely misses her friends. Thanks again for your help and support! Have a lovely weekend.

Iona’s Mum Shonagh

Hi Bev

Thank you for your response. I hope it goes without saying that I have complete faith in you and your team’s amazing work. In fact I wish I’d emailed to say just how impressed we are by the spot on approach to teaching BBPS is undertaking, one based on common-sense, kindness and compassion, in these strange times. Be sure of this, we think you and your team are awesome!

Years 1/2

Henry’s mum Chris

Hi Jodie,

Hope that your first week has been ok. It’s been a steep learning curve for everyone and I think that all parents will now have even more respect for the fantastic work that teachers do. The Wushka site has been fantastic and Henry has enjoyed the Get Out of My House Game. He was so excited to play with me and to draw up the board and choose counters. It has been lovely sharing in his learning. Our dog Millie has also loved the home learning and is usually curled up behind one of the boys or at their feet.


We continue to be amazed by the support and appreciation of our Brighton Beach families. The Prep teachers were delighted to receive surprise flower deliveries today! Thank for your ongoing commitment to our learning from home program. A great team effort! From Miss Walker, Ms O'Hara, Ms Ellis-Vega and Mrs Paitaridis.